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SABMiller and Justine Greening MP discuss water challenges in Tanzania

6 November 2013

LONDON 5 November 2013 - SABMiller’s Tanzania Breweries today hosted a visit by the UK Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening MP, to discuss greater collaboration in addressing the United Republic of Tanzania’s long term water issues. Water security in the country is fundamental to health, livelihoods, food production and business growth, all of which underpin social and economic development.

The meeting with representatives of the Tanzanian Government and SABMiller considered how greater synergies between the best existing programmes could have a significantly increased impact on water security.

Andy Wales, SABMiller’s SVP of Sustainable Development said: “We are delighted by the Secretary of State’s interest in this issue. Like the rest of Africa, Tanzania will experience significant economic growth in the coming years. This will create huge opportunities for economic and social development within the country, but will also require the effective management of natural resources. DfID is in a strong position to champion greater collaboration within the country to help maximise the growth whilst minimising environmental impact.”

The meeting enabled the sharing of insights from business on what is required to build the resilience of freshwater systems, and how to create partnerships and successfully implement programmes that facilitate this.

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