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After Receiving the Marketing Oscar, the Golden Effie, Aranypéntek (Golden Friday) Received the Silver Lollipop.

3 December 2012

Would you like a lollipop with your beer?!

Lali can write the new score, not only on the roof of his refreshment car, but also on the list of awards received by the “Aranypéntek” campaign. The Kreatív group awarded the Silver Lollipop prize to the activity related to Dreher Breweries' Arany Ászok beer in the category of BTL integrated campaign.

“Easy rider, man, easy rider”, all the fans of the popular film “Üvegtigris” can quote the best lines from the film. That was clear to everyone in August, at the Buda Castle Beer Festival at the Üvegtigris refreshment car, where the Arany Ászok Aranypéntek campaign's launch commercials were shot.

It is an outstanding result that the campaign, which was also run in 2011, was renewed in a way which attracted and involved even more consumers. Arany Ászok's Aranypéntek campaign ran in several thousand bars, shook up the beer market and reinforced Arany Ászok's position as first among draught beers . The importance of creativity, originality and quality execution, but also the efficiency of marketing activities should be emphasised, as Arany Ászok has seen a 41% increase in its volume of beer barrels on the market in 2011, which was followed by another 24% raise this year. This is due to the fact that those whose preferred to stay at home due to the economic crisis went back to bars selling Arany Ászok and those preferring other beers now opted for this brand. From a marketing point of view, it is remarkable that the campaign raised the awareness of beer consumers to this programme from 42% to 60% .

The Aranypéntek – az elismerés napja (Golden Friday - the day of rewarding) was created by the Hungarian marketing agency Human Telex and was not only rewarded by the Kreativ Lollipop jury panel, but has also received two other prizes over the year. It has received the Oscar of the marketing business, the Golden Effie prize, which rewarded it's efficiency and success and also the “Promotion of the year 2011” special prize from Trade magazine.

1) According to the data collected by AC Nielsen market research company for April-October, the share of barrels sold is 27.1 %.

2) Based on the data collected by AC Nielsen.

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