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The Renewed Collective Agreement of Dreher Breweries Exceeds the Stipulations of the Hungarian Labour Code

31 August 2012

The renewed collective agreement of Dreher Breweries has been signed in recent days and will provide, to the satisfaction of both employers and employees, among other things a longer notice period than the one required in the labour code, better shift-work allowances, matrix-based increases in basic salaries, a system of compensations and working-time banking.

In recent days, after 11 formal and many informal meetings, negotiations (which started following the enactment of the new labour code) have ended at Dreher Breweries. The trade unions, the works council and the directors representing the employer were happy to sign the new collective agreement. The renegotiation of the previous agreement, in use since 1999, was initiated by the management of the breweries, who wished to tailor the new agreement by taking into account the new economical and production-related challenges as well as the employees’ needs.

The negotiations began on 16th April, lasted three months and were conducted in a constructive atmosphere. As a result of the negotiations, the employer accepted to protect its most loyal employees by ensuring in case of a realignment a far longer notice period than the one determined in the labour code. Employees can now benefit from a better shift-work salary for afternoon, night and Saturday shifts. The collective agreement ensures the employer the possibility to sign working-time banking agreements with the employees, which  facilitates seasonal and changing work management, which is typical in the brewery industry. Thanks to this, the Dreher Breweries will be able to react to the new challenges of the market even faster.

“Both employer and employee agree that an important change will be the introduction of production-based variable pay for every employee. All our colleagues will be rewarded based on their production and we believe this will further develop our company's performance,” said Lóránt Sándor Kovács, head of company development strategies at Dreher Breweries. “We believe the new collective agreement shows the most important expectations of Dreher Breweries and its employees and will reinforce our success on the market,” he added.

Attila Sáray, head of Dreher Breweries' workers' trade union, emphasised the importance of the new collective agreement, which exceeds the stipulations of the new labour code in several areas such as employees' rights, the extended notice period and severance pay, the augmented jubilee and pension bonuses, job-description categories, the revision of basic salaries and their matrix-based increase, the compensation regulations and the working-time banking guarantee.

“Our management initiated in April the renegotiation of the collective agreement so as to be consistent with the new labour code, which came into effect on 1st July and to renegotiate salaries and other compensations. We applaud the conduct of the negotiators and management's constructive and supportive attitude,” pointed out Attila Sáray.


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Budapest, August 6th, 2012
International background for Dreher Breweries Ltd. is provided by the second biggest beer producing enterprise in the world: the SABMiller group, which is present on 6 continents in over 75 countries. The group has defined 10 main development areas in order to contribute to sustainable development and Dreher Breweries has taken an active part in this initiative by creating and completing local programmes. These 10 areas are: Fight against irresponsible alcohol consumption, environmental-friendly water management, reducing energy usage and carbon dioxide emission, recycling and re-using of packaging, responsible waste management, support of enterprise development in the chain of value, community engagement, support of anti-HIV/AIDS campaigns in the concerned areas, respect for human rights, transparent and ethical corporate practise.

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