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Cusqueña presents the contest “Legends: Inspiring Talents” (Translation)

26 April 2012

- People whose real stories of talent and passion inspiring others to do great things will be recognised.
- The contest will be carried out through the Internet (, with voters choosing the winners in three categories.
- Gianfranco Brero will participate in the contest, and, along with eight other mentors, create the image of the campaign.

Lima, April 24th, 2012.- With the goal of creating a chain of inspiration through real stories of talent and passion, Cusqueña beer launches the nationwide contest "Legends: Inspiring Talents."

This contest wants to recognise people from different corners of Peru, who through the submission of stories will tell their experiences and their life journeys, and show that they can realize important achievements when they do things with talent and passion.

Javier Neyra, Manager of the Cusqueña brand, stated: "The contest ‘Legends: Inspiring Talents,' represents an opportunity to show the talent and passion of many people that were able to stay afloat. Also, our brand got inspired by the legacy and talent of the Inca to produce the perfect beer. We want to value all the experiences of success of hundreds of people."

The contest "Legends: Inspiring Talents" wants people of legal age nationwide, with or without professional experience, to tell their story of talent and passion so they can be an inspiration for others. The entry will be submitted through the official website

Gianfranco Brero participates in the contest as the image of the campaign and its main figure, along with eight mentors who display talent and passion in their daily lives. Among the mentors participating in the press conference are: Blanca Chávez, Arequipeña Chef and owner of the restaurant El Rocoto; Luis Miguel Starke, leader of the association "Crea+", which helps improve the education of low-income children; and Raffo Iparraguirre, a photographer specialising in fashion and advertising.

The other mentors of the campaign are: Rubén Gamarra, renowned fashion designer; Sixto Ramos, inventor of the "force multiplier system"; Jesús Urbano, teacher and artist from Ayacucho; Antonio Olave, artist and sculptor from Cuzco; Neil Gayoso, designer of the Lama brand, well-known in Peru, Ecuador and France.

There will be winners in the three categories established by the rules of the contest: Arts, Development, and Liberal Arts and Society. The person with the highest number of votes in each category will be declared the winner.

Also, the best stories submitted in this contest will be awarded with a prize, recognising the talent and passion of other people.

About the contest: "Legends: Inspiring Talents:"

Beginning April 24th, people interested in this contest can register for free on the Web at or to tell their story of talent, passion and achievement.

Participants can choose among three categories depending on their experience: Arts, Development, or Liberal Arts and Society.
The steps of the contest are:
1. Registering the stories
2. Selection of the finalists
3. Voting and selection of winners
4. Prizes

The gathering of stories will take place between April 24th and May 31st. The selection of the 15 finalist stories will take place between June 11th and June 30th. The announcement of the winners will take place on July 1st. Finally, the presentation of the prize will take place between July 2nd and July 10th.

About Cusqueña

Cusqueña beer transmits the millennial heritage of the Inca, as it is created with the same talent, passion and attention to detail with which the Inca made work that is admired by the whole world. Cusqueña is the national premium beer from the Backus portfolio, made 100% from barley and Saaz hops, the world's finest hops.

For more information, contact:
Cecilia Quevedo
Comunicaciones Externas Backus - 311-3000
Yohana Medina
Llorente y Cuenca - 222-9491

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