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La Constancia Fourth Reforestation Event: environmental culture and aquifers protection (Translation)

24 August 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011 - As part of Industrias La Constancia's (ILC) Sustainable Development Policy, with water as one of its main priorities, this Saturday, the fourth annual Reforestation Event will take place in the Natural Protected Area Complex El Playón, located between San Juan Opico and Quezaltepeque, La Libertad.

More than 700 volunteers, including employees and their families, will participate in the event. Two thousand five hundred trees of different species will be planted in El Playón Complex. (Area declared a natural protected area by official decree number 70, article 1, which states: "it declares reservoir waters for the metropolitan area of San Salvador").

"In Industrias La Constancia, being responsible towards the environment goes beyond obeying the environmental laws; our commitment has a greater scope, because the conservation and protection of water resources is one of the priorities in our Sustainable Development Policy," said Carlos Habencio Fernández, chairman of ILC.

With events like these, ILC hopes to help with reforestation and maintenance of the areas with no vegetation in El Playón Complex, and to provide trees cultivated for energy purposes to the local population in order to ease the pressure they exert on the Complex's resources.

"El Playón Complex is located in the primary area for national water collection. It allows the infiltration of 699 to 900 millimetres of water annually from the 1,800 millimetres of rain water that falls in the area every year. This makes its protection and conservation of vital importance," said Blanca Estela Juárez of Technical Assistance For the Communal Development of El Salvador (ASISTEDCOS), Executive Director and Coordinator of the Event.

Since 2006, when this reforestation event first started, approximately 22,000 trees have been planted (another 2,500 trees will be planted at this year's event) and water collection conditions have been improved in around 100 acres.

These reforestation events also have an educational component. The employees participate with their families, and not only share in an activity, but also promote a real environmental culture that future generations will inherit.

In addition to the annual reforestation event, ILC has developed a protection programme of El Playón Complex with other activities throughout the year that help recover spaces of development and reproduction of plants and wild life in this area of water collection for el Salvador.

"In this way, ILC shows with specific actions its commitment to the environment, especially water resources, which is part of its Sustainable Development Policy, and also promotes an environmental culture through the staff and their families that protects the natural resources that future generations will inherit."

Note for the editor:
Industrias La Constancia (ILC) is a subsidiary of SABMiller in El Salvador.

As part of the Corporate Social Investment programs, ILC executes several activities related to the protection of natural resources, one of them, is the protection of the natural protected area called "El Playón", the most important area of El Salvador in terms of water collection.

The reforesting activity was conducted by 700 people among employees of the company and their families. During the activities 2,500 trees were planted.

This was the 4th event that has allowed the reforesting of 24,500 trees since 2006.

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This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [20/08/2011].


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