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More exciting Beer experience on the Island (Translation)

11 August 2011

Dreher will be adding special locations and programs for the excitement and tastes of the visitors of the Island Festival this year.

The Island Festival's indispensable drink this summer is beer once again. And what makes it different this year is that the consumers will be able to get it easier and faster than in the past.

"The visitors have had enough of standing in lines, so for their sake, we are working on making a change. One of the newest and most favorable items of the year is the fast-drawer or fast-draft which can be found in the Dreher Pub right across from the main stage. With this special equipment, a stein of beer can be drafted in just 5 seconds and the time spent standing in lines will be shortened. For the further comfort of our consumers, there will be paper trays that will be able to hold 4 steins of beer. Anyone who has tried to navigate through the crowd of the Island Festival with two steins of beer probably knows how difficult it is!" says Kerekes Peter, the marketing director of the Dreher Brewery.

Because of its success last year, the special beer-house called the Dreher in the Sky will be open again. It can be found 50 meters under the Obudai-island with a fantastic panoramic view. The continuous quality supervision of the Dreher Brewery guarantees that the two kinds of hop that gives them their characteristic taste will be available in all parts of the island just like it is available for the thousands of partners of the company throughout the whole year. The Dreher will be expanding on their quality supervision this year: Becz Gábor, who is the Quality Specialist of Dreher Brewery, Ltd., tested the quality of the beer in 50 meters high with the press."The key is to have the basic substances, proper transportation and storage, as well the draft of the beer for the consumers to get the most excellent beer," said Becz Gábor.

The Island Festival plays a serious supporting role in society. The Dreher Brewery is committed to supporting the culture and entertainment to gift their consumers with loads of excitement. Further developments to come: "This year the company will closely work together with the Ability Park and will be offering different creative games to help you to get to know the basic substances of the beer. We will also guide you and help you to learn about the procedure of making the beer, and the popularity of the Braille-writing will be a game too," said Fertetics Mandy, Director of Development and Communications.

There will be exclusive content on the Facebook page of Dreher Brewery, Ltd., along with photographs of the Dreher in the Sky's visitors. There will also be a photo contest in three categories for the participants of the festival under the name of Dreher Moment-Hunting.

It is very important to the Dreher Breweries, Ltd. that they support the responsible intake of alcohol. Therefore, at many locations of the festival, you can see the company's message of accountability: "You must be 18 or over!"

For further information:

Jani Kinga 
Senior PR Specialist, Media Expert
Mobile: +36304174124 

Simon Katalin
Senior PR Specialist
Dreher Breweries, Ltd.
Tel.: +36 1 432 9920

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [10/08/2011].

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