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Shelf-life indicators, women’s biking outfits and one-click tourism are the winners of the Young Entrepreneur of the Future competition (Translation)

6 June 2011

The Young Entrepreneur of the Future competition, organised by Dreher Breweries Ltd., ended with an official awards ceremony on June 1, 2011. The winners were announced at the event, which took place at the Corvinus University of Budapest. During the ceremony, a total of 6.5 million forints were handed out, and the winner of the special sustainability prize was also announced.

The Young Entrepreneur of the Future competition is organised each year to discover the most talented, creative, up-to-date and hard-working future entrepreneurs. For five years the competition has been organised for university students by Dreher Breweries, and it plays an important part in the company's corporate social responsibility programme.

The aim of the competition is to help students start their own companies and to help them gain the skills and knowledge necessary for such start-ups and for successful business careers, with the assistance of the Lifeline Foundation and EcoSim, as well as professional training material, lectures and workshops.

The 2011 winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Future competition received 3 million forints, the runner-up 2 million forints, the third-place winner 1 million forints, and the special sustainability prize winner was awarded 500,000 forints, which they can use toward the start-up of their companies. They were also given six months of free counselling, which they can use in their upcoming business careers.

Based on the philosophy of the competition, ideas that were the most elaborated and which were deemed the most realisable by the jury were awarded. The applicants took three written tests, during which the students had to produce different parts of a detailed business plan. The 10 best candidates had to prove during an oral examination that they were the entrepreneurs of the future. This year, a record number of competitors registered, and 118 of them handed in full business plans, which was the requisite for the final round.

The 10 best students explained their ideas to the judges in a presentation in English on May 18, 2011. The jury then chose the three winners, as well as the winner of the special sustainability prize. The judges, Dr. Erzsébet Könczöl (docent of the Corvinus University, president of the jury), Dr. Péter Szirmai (president of the Lifeline Foundation), Péter Kiss (Ökogázprojekt, winner of the 2008 Young Entrepreneur of the Future competition), Lóránt Sándor Kovács (business development director of Dreher Breweries), Zoltán Igaz (communication director of ING Bank), Mandy Fertetics (sustainable development director of Dreher Breweries) and Károly Gerendai (CEO of Sziget Kft.) listened to many great business ideas, which made their decisions difficult to make.

"It is our experience that the ideas are always innovative but not always marketable. However, this year was a real breakthrough in this concern," said Lóránt Sándor Kovács, summing up the jury's impressions.

The third-place winner of the 2011 Young Entrepreneur of the Future competition is Dániel Ákos Fodor, with his idea of an online tourist guide portal. The web page creates an international platform where individual tourists can find elements to make their trip more enjoyable. According to Fodor and his business partner, the priciest part of their concept is marketing, which is why they are going to spend most of the 1 million forints on this activity. "The next step is to make our web page, which already has an alpha version, public. For this, we must start online marketing. We also plan to build the Hungarian page and use it as a reference for the other country pages." 

The runner-up of the competition is Zsófia Geréby, a senior fashion and textile design student at the MOME Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. Zsófia has been planning for several years to start her own company, UrbanLegends, which would deal with the design and manufacture of women's biking outfits. Her outfits are not only trendy but also reflect the technical expectations of urban cycling. For example, the pockets and the cut of these dresses have been developed in order to be comfortable and practical for women using their bicycles daily. "I've always wanted to start my own business and try myself out on the market, knowing that my public is a bit different from that of the other Hungarian designers," said the runner-up, speaking of her plans for the future.

The winner of the 2011 Young Entrepreneur of the Future competition is Viktor Seres. He and his business partner wish to create packaging that indicates the shelf life of food products (whether they are still apt for consumption or have already gone bad). The invention, which would make everyday life easier, has been developed in laboratories, which, according to Seres, would mean that food-producing companies will not have to invest in it. "Following our victory, we would like to create our own business and present our product to other companies as quickly as possible. Since we are not manufacturing dairy products, we will have to find a buyer who will implement our idea and launch it into the market," said the happy winner.

The jury faced an enviable problem as far as the special sustainability prize was concerned. "The jury had the longest debate concerning the special sustainability prize, since a surprisingly high number of applications had some kind of innovation with an environmental or social dimension to it, and nearly all the applications had taken into account the question of sustainability," said Mandy Fertetics.

Szabolcs Győri, the winner of the special sustainability prize, wishes to collect furniture and other items thrown out during the annual attic cleanup and recycle them. "I believe that with this idea, I would not only change my own life but that of many other people, as furniture and our general environment are very important to us," said the winner, summing up his idea.

In addition to the 6.5 million forints, many valuable gifts were handed out: the Alinea publishing house offered its business dictionary to all the applicants, as well as a business-related book package to the three winners. The MOHA Ház offered 100,000 forints worth of small and medium enterprise services, while the Bringóhintó gave vouchers to the 10 students who made the final round, good for one hour of cycling using a special four-wheel bike. Dr. Balázs Arató offered 50,000 forints worth of legal counselling to the winners and 30,000 forints worth of counselling to those who made the final round. MolnárPhoto Ltd. offered a photo shoot to the three winners worth 100,000 forints, as well as a 50,000-forints photo shoot to the winner of the special prize. Finally, Szonett International Marketing Counselling Company offered one year of free marketing counselling to the winners.

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