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Kaluga region worthy to be area of environmental safety (Translation)

31 March 2011

Agency of Social Information
Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kaluga Region

Press release

On March 17th, 2011, the round table discussion "Environmental Aspects of Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain" was organised by the Agency of Social Information and supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kaluga region and SABMiller RUS.

The region of Kaluga is a territory of innovations implemented by many international companies present in that region. The environmental aspect is not an exemption. One of the major businesses, the SABMiller RUS brewery, is implementing best practices in the field of environmental protection and responsible management of the supply chain that meet the company's policy asserted on the international level.

Water, energy consumption, СО2 emissions, reuse of packaging, pursuit of waste-free production and a system of environmental management are along the main lines of SABMiller RUS, Kaluga operations, in the area of environmental protection. According to Gleb Zhukov, chief engineer of the SABMiller RUS brewery in Kaluga, one of the main goals of the company is to reduce water consumption, the main raw material in brewing. "We were successful in achieving significant results in this," stated Zhukov. "The average water consumption in the brewing industry is 5 litres for 1 litre of beer. In our brewery, the average water consumption is 3.7 litres for a litre of beer." In addition to this, a number of activities are being implemented by the brewery in the field of environmental protection, including energy efficiency, emissions reduction, waste disposal and recycling. "During the past years, we were working in several aspects with manufacturers of all types of packaging. One of the main aspects is reducing the weight of packaging. In particular, the weight of the beer bottle was reduced. As a result, fewer raw materials are being used, which led to a reduction in the extraction of raw materials, and less fuel is being used for logistical purposes, which also means fewer emissions," explained Zhukov.    

In 2010 the brewery was awarded with the certificate of merit issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources for the implementation of projects in the area of environmental protection projects by SABMiller RUS. However, SABMiller RUS is not going to stop with the results it has already achieved. In the coming years the company is planning to study the possibilities of waste reduction, energy reduction by 14 percent, and the reduction of water consumption by 5 percent. The budget already includes the investment of 90 million Russian roubles in environmental projects. According to Kirill Bolmatov, director for corporate communications of SABMiller RUS, the priorities of the company include the search for solutions to the problem of packaging utilisation. In this regard, SABMiller RUS is counting on the support of government authorities and the non-commercial sector.

As for the government authorities responsible for environment protection, compliance with all environmental requirements and restrictions is expected from companies. According to Irina Gorshkova, deputy head of the federal service for the supervision of natural resources in the Kaluga region, the main instrument of motivation for businesses to adopt environmental behaviour is not just the monetary collection system for environmental contamination, but also voluntary initiatives. For instance, the criteria of the national "green" standard for construction have been set. This is the first stage in creating a system for voluntary environmental certification of property objects. "Today, the motivation must be in fact that the products of those companies that receive environmental certification will be competitive, compared to other products. It means that activities in the field of ecology have to stimulate market and economic mechanisms," said Gorshkova.
The complex solution for environmental objectives is not possible without the union of all parties: businesses, government and society. According to Boris Kotchurov, chief executive officer of the publishing house Kamerton and member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Kaluga could become the pilot region where all three parties combine their efforts to achieve environmental safety. In addition to this, it's extremely important to create a system of best-practices distribution. In general, the experience of SABMiller RUS and the region of Kaluga are worthy of replication in other regions and companies. Representatives of local environmental organisations are also expecting SABMiller RUS to extend the interaction by addressing local environmental issues.

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