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Your fridge should not lack Birell this Christmas. Your guests will appreciate it. (Translation)

14 December 2010

Close to half of drivers want to drink non-alcoholic beer while paying visits during the holidays, according to the latest survey by Ipsos Tambor. And not only drivers. In contrast, they are least interested in drinking lemonade or juices. Women would like to avoid sweet fizzy and flat drinks in general during the holidays.

Christmas, Christmas is approaching... and with it visits from your friends and relatives. However, not everybody wants to toast with champagne at Christmas or on New Year's Eve. It is the worst for drivers, who have to refuse their favourite beer and reach for sweet non-alcoholic drinks. But 44% of drivers preferred non-alcoholic beer to lemonade or to juices. They were able to savour it only on every fourth visit. The biggest favourite is Birell, which sells yearly on average more than three litres per head.

Non-alcoholic beer, such as Birell or its new release Birell Amber, is becoming an interesting choice for female drivers and for 18% who would like to enjoy a Christmas beer. In addition to its unique taste, it has on average half the calories of sweet lemonades and juices. While one decilitre (0.2113 pt) of a fizzy drink is around 200 kilojoules, Birell is only 80. One gets similar results when comparing it to sweetened juices, which could have up to 230 kJ or 120 kJ for iced teas. Unnecessary calories bother women in general. Based on the survey, people do not want to consume 94% of sweetened fizzy lemonades.

Not even traditional coffee pleases, and only 9.2% of all respondents care for it. In a worse position is tea, because only every twelfth respondent has tea each year.

Calories in specific drink groups in half litres

(Drink - Energy value)

Birell - 80 kJ
Energy drinks - 190 kJ
Fizzy drinks - 200 kJ
Cold drinks - 120 kJ
Juices - 230 kJ

Note stated kilojoules are the maximum average value in individual categories in 100 ml (0.2113 pt)

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