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ILC, pioneering company in the fight against HIV/AIDS (Translation)

4 December 2010

December 1st, 2010. As part of a strategic alliance and within the framework of World AIDS Day, Industrias La Constancia (ILC) and the Atlacatl Association for Positive Living held the Positive Living Photography Exhibition. They also held a series of programmes and educational talks on this subject within the company, starting with the employees and then expanding to suppliers, clients and the company’s chain of operations.

“ILC is an example to follow and has excellent business practices. That is how we see it and are spreading it throughout the region,” affirmed Dr. Claudia Suárez, Atlacatl Association for Positive Living, Management and Projects Director.

Dr. Ana Isabel Nieto, National ITS/HIV/AIDS Programme Director, Jorge Odir Miranda, Atlacatl Association for Positive Living Director and Otoniel Ramírez, General Network of People with VIH-AIDS Secretary General for Central America were present at the event. They stated that Industrias La Constancia sets an example that is worth following with their excellent educational and practical prevention practices regarding AIDS.

“More companies should follow Industrias La Constancia’s example of creating a culture of prevention and providing appropriate information so that people can make responsible decisions. ILC’s HIV programme and the policies maintained by the company as part of their Business Social Responsibility are extremely helpful to us,” emphasised Dr. Ana Isabel Nieto, National ITS/HIV/AIDS Programme Director.

ILC maintains a strategic alliance with Atlacatl Association for Positive Living.  They’ve joined efforts to reduce the number of HIV cases in El Salvador through special trainings and prevention activities carried out by their work team at all levels.

“It seems excellent to me that such a big company is committed to this issue, not only with its employees but also with the public in general. It is an important contribution towards reducing HIV in our country and it supports our institution’s mission to respect the rights of people with HIV,” affirmed Jorge Odir Miranda, Atlacatl Association for Positive Living Director.

Since 2008, ILC has created and defined an HIV/AIDS policy which includes educational and awareness programmes for our employees, suppliers and clients, with the purpose of avoiding the expansion of this epidemic and supporting the priority “To contribute to the reduction of HIV/AIDS” comprised within our Sustainable Development Policy.

“We believe the issue of HIV is not just a health problem, but an issue of social responsibility. HIV is a problem that affects all companies regardless of what country they operate in. It affects our most valuable resource: “the human resource.” It affects our productivity, operations and therefore our families. This is why we, as a leading company, care about educating our employees and giving our employees tools that will help them to protect themselves and their families,” affirmed Patricia Pérez, Benefits Director and ILC’s appointed person on this matter.

Industrias La Constancia has a Sustainable Development Policy that comprises various activities in the social, economic and environmental areas. As a SABMiller subsidiary, ILC’s model is based on 10 Sustainable Development priorities, which are focused on its operation sustainability and the development of El Salvador. One of the policies is “to contribute to the reduction of HIV/AIDS within our circle of influence.”

“Our work on this issue has placed us in second place in the SABMiller operations in this priority worldwide. In addition, we participated as contestants in the Sixth ITS/HIV/AIDS Central American Congress,” stated Pérez.

That is how ILC seeks to strengthen inter-business relations with organisations. In this case, ILC has joined with Atlacatl Association for Positive Living to prevent this disease and thus, as a private sector company, contribute to its efforts.

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. Note: This news release was first published in its local market on 01/12/2010.

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