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The Peruvian Enterprise Council responds to the HIV issue by promoting prevention and non-discriminatory initiatives (Translation)

1 December 2010

Preventing HIV from your workplace...

• Around 96 percent of the world's population living with HIV are of working age
• Prevention programs in the workplace are, in many cases, the only source of HIV information employees and their families have

Lima, November 30, 2010 - Every December 1st the world commemorates World AIDS Day. On this day, people worldwide unite efforts to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and to show international solidarity in the face of this deadly disease. It has been estimated that around 96 percent of the world's population living with HIV are of working age. Thus, it is advisable for companies to invest in prevention, attendance and support programs in order to reduce this disease's impact on their organizations.

With this in mind, it is worth mentioning the work of various institutions in our country, and we must ask ourselves how the private sector has the responsibility to act and the opportunity to play a crucial role in the global fight against the virus.

Thus, the Peruvian Enterprise Council (CEVIH) was formed as a response to the HIV issue. The council is composed of 14 companies and led by Backus. Its main purpose is to promote leadership within the private sector in order to work toward the prevention of HIV from the workplace, and to join with the state, society and international cooperation to improve labour relations, increase productivity and promote a better quality of life based on tolerance and non-discrimination.

Prevention programs in the workplace are, in many cases, the only source of HIV information employees and their families have.

In response to the HIV issue, Malena Morales Valentín, Peruvian Enterprise Council President, stated: "CEVIH aims to promote companies' participation in projects in order to respond to the HIV issue, to carry out prevention programs and to exchange knowledge on strategies implemented by companies and public institutions for the prevention of HIV in the workplace."

Some of the actions implemented by companies that form the Peruvian Enterprise Council in response to the HIV issue are the following:

• Internal work procedure updates that incorporate non-discrimination policies regarding people living with HIV, as well as prevention programs according to the norms issued by the Ministry Resolution 376-2008 TR of the Ministry of Work
• Training for workers, their spouses and relatives, through various means:
o Electronic educational and awareness bulletins
o Educational pamphlets
o Training talks and sessions
• Promoting voluntary and confidential HIV tests
• Promoting awareness and providing information to suppliers through various means

Interesting Facts

• According to figures from MINSA, over the last 24 years AIDS has been present in Peru, and more than 15,000 people have died due to this disease.
• Around 96 percent of the world's population living with HIV are of working age.
• Most reported cases are of people between the ages of 25 to 34 (an economically active population) with an average age of 31, which means they became infected between the ages of 18 and 20.
• International investigations indicate that an increase in HIV/AIDS entails an increase in company costs and a reduction in productivity and the general demand of goods and services.

About the Peruvian Enterprise Council's response to the HIV issue

CEVIH was constituted on March 12, 2009. Its main goal is to help companies respond to the HIV/AIDS issue from the workplace, according to the Millennium objectives, the World Pact and the Ministry Resolution 376-2008 TR.

Presently, CEVIH has 14 members and 11 strategic partners, and Backus has the presidency. Among the companies that form CEVIH are: Cementos Lima, Universidad Alas Peruanas, San Fernando, Fundación Romero, Compañía Minera Poderosa, Tecnofil, Empresa Minera Los Quenuales, OWITT Perú, Gobernanza, Nestlé, El Condado Hotel, Sociedad Nacional de Industrias, Sociedad Nacional de Minería Petróleo y Energía, among others. Some of its strategic partners are Confiep - Red Pacto Mundial Perú, OIT, ONUSIDA, USAID, among others.

For more information, please contact:
Cecilia Quevedo / Dora Vallejos
Backus - 311 3000
Yohana Medina / Karin Acevedo
222 9491

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