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SABMiller RUS announces the official launch of the «Support and Development of Youth Entrepreneurship» project as part of the Youth Business of Russia program in Vladivostok, the Far East region of Russia (Translation)

22 November 2010

16 November 2010, Vladivostok, Russia

The «Support and Development of Youth Entrepreneurship» project has been implemented by the Youth forum of business leaders (IBLF) and is supported by SABMiller RUS. One of the project goals is to contribute to solving the unemployment problem in regions of the Russian Federation.

Along with business operations in Maritime Territory/Primorye, SABMiller RUS is working in close cooperation with the Administration of Primorye and the municipal administration of Vladivostok to improve the social welfare of the region.

Igor PUSHKAREV, Mayor of Vladivostok
«Small-scale and medium-sized businesses in Vladivostok have to feel secure and comfortable, and present and future business people shall see perspectives and receive our assistance. The "Youth business of Russia" program is specifically dedicated to developing youth entrepreneurship and involving ambitious young people in the social economic process. We will all take advantage of this opportunity, so that in the future we can work together productively on the implementation of perspective projects for the good of the people and the city.»

Nadezhda KHOTINA, Corporate affairs director, SABMiller RUS
«Professional employment of young people and business community development in various regions of Russia are some of our most important priorities since they support regional economic development and create news jobs. Entrepreneurship development, along with other social projects of SABMiller RUS, is part of the Sustainable development program that promotes a responsible approach to business operations, including the development of a culture of responsible beer consumption, investment in social projects and environmental protection.»

The implementation of the "Support and Development of Youth Entrepreneurship" program of SABMiller RUS contributes to local economic development, creates new jobs in Primorye, and provides opportunities for young entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential.

SABMiller RUS is a subsidiary of one of the world's leading brewing companies, SABMiller plc. In Russia, the company has operated since 1998, when its first brewery in Kaluga was launched. In the company's 11 years of successful operation in Russia, overall corporate investments exceeded $700 million. Today there are over 2000 employees across the country and three production sites: in Kaluga, Vladivostok and Ulyanovsk. The company's portfolio is comprised of such well-known international brands as Miller Genuine Draft, Pilsner Urquell, Velkopopovicky Kozel, and beloved local premium «Zolotaya Bochka», «Try Bogatyrya» and "Vladpivo" beer brands. Within the bounds of the Sustainable development program, SABMiller RUS implements projects promoting responsible alcohol consumption, environmental protection and local community development, as well as supporting entrepreneurship development which stimulates the growth of the local economy and assists in creating new jobs in the regions of company's operations.

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This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. Note: This news release was first published in its local market on 18/11/2010.


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