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He invented a game plan for the 2nd league. Now, he will be writing about hockey (Translation)

23 September 2010

Vsetín, September 22, 2010 - He is a longtime fan of the Vsetín hockey team. He decided this year to considerably improve the game plan of the 2nd league. The seemingly impossible happened. The hockey association heard him out and the league will play based on his model. We are talking about Jan Zavadil, a hockey fan, who showed that a regular fan can have an impact on big things. For his courage, Jan Zavadil was given the opportunity to write a blog on the Radegast website, which is viewed daily by more than one thousand fans of Moravian hockey.

"I have been going to hockey games for more than 20 years. When I saw the game plan the hockey association created for the 2nd league, I thought to myself that it could be even better. And that is why I made my own," said author of the game plan for the 2nd league, Jan Zavadil. He sent his suggestions to all second league clubs and five of them sent back a positive response. And at this moment, hockey club VHK Vsetín took it upon itself to take care of it.

And the result? The second league is playing according to the plan by Jan Zavadil. "This case clearly indicates that a regular fan can influence decision-making in hockey. All one needs is a little bit of common sense and a little initiative," Stanislav Pavelec, the captain of the Vsetín hockey club, praising the actions of one of his fans.

Jan Zavadil will continue to put in practice his knowledge of hockey. He will regularly write articles about his favourite game at a hockey website, For every article, Radegast, who supports Moravian hockey, will give him a beer reward. "Hockey needs real men, not only on the ice, but also as spectators. As a reward for his initiative, we are giving Jan Zavadil, besides further cooperation, a hockey jersey from our collection," said the manager of the Radegast brand, Pavel Kmínek.

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