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Self awareness game with Talma! – Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of yourself? (Translation)

18 August 2010

First in Hungary, an exciting and amusing self awareness game is available at the Players of the game will find themselves in various life-like situations which force them to make individual decisions related to alcohol consumption. World champion motorcyclist Gábor Talmácsi useful and interesting information in connection with alcohol responsibility for the benefit of those seeking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

2010. 08. 17. Dreher Breweries Ltd has added a unique self awareness game to as part of its Alcohol Responsibility Program. A prominent company in the Hungarian beer mark, Dreher uses its Alcohol Responsibility Program to help its consumers make the most informed decisions possible, by sharing information, data and expert opinions on the subject. However, responsible decision-making is fundamental to alcohol responsibility, and this requires true self awareness. The first stage of the self awareness game presents the player with colorful life situations; the game's 14 questions and situations practically hold a mirror up to the player. Dreher Breweries hopes to use this innovative tool to support Hungarian adult consumers in deepening their self awareness.

"We at Dreher Breweries are committed to enhancing responsible alcohol consumption and to discouraging irresponsible consumption," said Andrei Haret, Managing Director of the company. "In accordance with our strict commercial communication policy, our message calling for alcohol responsibility is placed prominently on all of our labels and advertisements. Through our Alcohol Responsibility Program, we provide our consumers with information that further supports them in their individual decision-making. Our mother company, SABMiller, has introduced this program as best practice through its subsidiaries worldwide. I'm proud that Hungary will be the first place to offer this innovative tool for deepening self awareness." The self awareness game available at the site was first played by world champion motorcyclist Gábor Talmácsi, who had to make decisions in several thought-provoking, amusingly illustrated life situations.

"I am very glad that the Alcohol Responsibility Program has been further extended," said Gábor Talmácsi. "Self awareness is very important, not only in sports, but also in all other areas of life, so I like this game very much. It is versatile, as it presents many real-life situations, like stress at work, a helpless male rage, not mentioning sports, which was, for reasons that must be obvious, my favorite. It gives me special pleasure that during the game I can share useful information with users in connection with alcohol responsibility. I am also very much looking forward to my dinner and discussion with the winner."

This innovative game helps us reconsider how we should behave in specific life situations, and can inform the decisions we make. The self awareness game at the site is also unique in that it gives the player the chance to consider the possible options step by step, together with the possible consequences of each and every decision. The game is colorful and fun. Players find themselves in various situations: at a hen party, a tennis match, or in a café where the arrival of a dog interrupts their conversation. The players' responses, and comparing their responses to that of other players at the end of the test, serves as the basis for real self evaluation.

"Over the past two years, has grown considerably in popularity, and we are convinced that a colorful, humorous and thought-provoking self-awareness game will attract even more visitor," said Dreher Breweries Corporate Affairs Manager Mónika Agócs. "This is an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding of ourselves. The game holds a mirror up to us and helps us to come to most responsible decisions."

The innovative self awareness game is also supported by an online blood alcohol calculator which is downloadable to mobile phones. The application is downloadable to any mobile phone with WAP for the fee of a normal text message. It immediately calculates the time necessary for the consumed alcohol to leave the body.

All registered players will be entered into a drawing for a chance to bring 3 guests to a private dinner with Gábor Talmácsi. More rewards await the participants the self awareness game, including an exclusive brewery trip, gift glasses and unique online content from Gábor Talmácsi.

Background information:

Alcohol Responsibility Program of Dreher Breweries:

Dreher Breweries Ltd launched its Alcohol Responsibility Program in 2008, with the participation of Gábor Talmácsi world champion motorcyclist. The information website of the program is, which has already been visited by 150 thousand people. The website, by focusing on individual responsibility, places emphasis on sharing valuable information. In addition, visitors can participate in forums where they can share their questions and opinions. More than 500 visitors have already done so. A further specialty of the site is that it demonstrates step by step what happens in the body when we consume alcohol. The site's highly popular "Topic of the month" section continuously offers fresh content to visitors, which is processed via the life experience of Gábor Talmácsi, videos by experts and visitor comments and opinions.

Further information:

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Dreher Breweries Ltd
Tel: 432-9720

Jani Kinga
Tel: 30/417-4124

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Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [17/08/2010].

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