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How to bike properly or second series of cycling school by Jarda Kulhavý (Translation)

23 June 2010

Prague, June 22, 2010
Great Czech biker Jarda Kulhavý, member of the Rubena Birell Specialized Cycling Team, has recorded a second series of educational videos, this time for intermediate cyclists. During the twelve part series viewers, "amateurs," will become professional sports people and can start their first biking marathon without any hesitation.

The twelve part series first introduces the technical side of taking care of a bicycle and how to adjust it. After that our guide Jarda Kulhavý together with professional trainer Viktor Zapletal explain the techniques of a ride and how to set up a training plan for a competition. "The whole series aims to prepare viewers for a real competition, where they will compete against real professionals," explained Jarda Kulhavý about the educational series.

The second series of the cycling school is tied to last year's popular series. It focused on beginners and throughout the series we learned how to choose the right bicycle and how to take care of it.

A long-term partner of the cycling school, Birell, was again involved in the making of the second series. The Birell brand has been supporting cycling since 2002 when it started its own bike path in Beskydy, and soon after it added another three. Furthermore, in 2009 we launched a new website for all fans of cycling at This interactive website offers a full collection of bike paths around the whole country including comments about the level of difficulty. A simple search engine requires only a few parameters such as region, required length of a path and difficulty, and the page offers about 450 bike paths.

Nonalcoholic beer Birell is an appropriate drink for people doing sports - besides vitamins, it has proteins and sugar together with minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and folic acid. It effectively helps to hydrate your body and replenishes necessary nutrients. Furthermore, non-alcoholic Birell is a product resulting from natural processes without the use of any chemicals. And that is why professional sports people just like Jarda Kulhavý include it in their eating habits. "I consider Birell to be a very appropriate part of my drinking regime. Its composition effectively adds nutrients and liquids after a strenuous sporting event not only for professionals, but also for amateurs,"  said Jarda Kulhavý.

Anybody interested in the cycling school by Jarda Kulhavý can find more information at

Jaroslav Kulhavý
- Junior European and World Champion in 2003
- Bronze medal from the World Championship in 2007 in category under 23 years
- 18th place at OH Peking 2008
- Currently third in the World Cup

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