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Backus and the Municipalidad de Ate inaugurate the first effort within the framework of the Works instead of Taxes Law (Translation)

20 April 2010

Peruvian President, Dr. Alan García Pérez, was present at the event

- The investment made reaches S/. 1,660,350 soles
- The work completed was carried out in 3 months
- President Alan García Pérez invited the rest of the private sector companies to implement projects within the framework of the 29230 Law

Lima, April 17, 2010 - After three months of work and an investment of S/ 1,660,350 soles, Unión de Cervecerías Peruanas Backus and Johnston completed the first project corresponding to the 29230 law, the "Regional Public Investments with the Participation of the Private Sector Law", known as "Tax Works". This endeavor was carried out jointly with the Municipalidad Distrital de Ate. As a result, eight kilometers of road were restored, which benefits the community.

The above endeavor consisted on the restoration of Separadora Industrial Avenue, which is part of the main highway - Huarochirí Avenue section. With this project, Backus becomes the first company in Peru to carry out this law, promoted by ProInversión and the Ministry of Economy and Finance which allows the public sector to exchange public works for taxes.

Robert Priday, Backus President, said: "We believe this is a very positive initiative. It allows us to strengthen ties and build bridges of cooperation with local authorities in order to optimize resources and work together towards a common goal: the well-being of the community. We are the first to carry out this law and we invite all other private sector companies in the country to work together with local and regional governments in the implementation of works".

Mr. Juan Enrique Dupuy, the Mayor of Municipalidad Distrital de Ate, added: "We, as a local government, are interested in continuing working hand-in-hand with the private sector within the framework of this law, thus benefiting our community directly, which is the task we aim to accomplish".

Backus is actively seeking public investment opportunities in which they can participate at a national level and which will have a positive impact in the areas where they are being carried out. Thus, Backus is evaluating its participation in other projects that involve greater investments, such as the ones in cities like Cusco and Trujillo.

For more information, please contact:
Cecilia Quevedo/ Dora Vallejos
Comunicaciones Externas Backus - 3113000
Yohana Medina
LLORENTE & CUENCA - 222-9491 Anexo 225
Sr. Max Obregón Rossi
Secretario de Imagen Institucional - 985005980
Oficina de Prensa - Municipalidad de ATE

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