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With “Making Friends”, Bavaria is back to its memorable institutional campaigns (Translation)

17 March 2010

Bogotá, March 12th, 2010. Bavaria, leading beverages company in Colombia, presented today in Bogotá its first institutional advertising campaign after more than seven years. The communication strategy, which revolves around the concept of friendship, derived into a new promise from the Bavaria corporate brand called "Making Friends" - in direct reference to the more than 120 years through which the company has been alongside all Colombians, and to the social contributions it has made to the country and to the socializing nature of the beverages it produces and commercializes.

The campaign, which takes place in a magical and Macondian place off the Colombian coast called Caracolito, features as protagonists Eladio and Toño, two picturesque characters and sole inhabitants of the imaginary town. Through a simple narrative about their daily lives, the campaign explores several dimensions of their friendship and relates them to those with whom Bavaria has strengthened relationships with in the country for decades. Out of this rationale comes the theme of the campaign which closes all of the communication pieces: "The best thing of having a friend is to do things for him, believe in him and support his dreams".

Through this new component of its corporate communication strategy, Bavaria seeks to integrate many of its programs, initiatives and messages through the concept of friendship, the common denominator among most of them. It also seeks to transmit the interest of the company for all of its friends, including its value chain and its consumers, guaranteeing their wellbeing, believing in their ideas, supporting their dreams, protecting the environment and helping to build the future of the country.
The campaign, which is programmed to evolve gradually over the next two years, will be emphasizing, over time, issues with which Bavaria has had a great impact, such as employment and entrepreneurship, contribution to the development of the country, support and social investment for communities, moderate and responsible alcohol consumption and environmental protection. Over these two years, Caracolito, which was a town of two, will become a space where others will interact, providing the campaign with a very special narrative and through which it is hoped to become memorable for Colombians.

Fernando Jaramillo Giraldo, Corporate Affairs vice-president, said about the campaign that: "We want to strengthen our emotional tie with Colombians. Our idea is to make everything we do for the country evident and visible at all times. Therefore, in the ‘Making friends' campaign we wanted to show that at Bavaria we have gone from making the best products for our communities, to making the best communities for our products".

The first phase of the campaign, developed by the DDB Colombia advertising agency, will air for one month, starting this coming Sunday, March 14, during the night-time over the main TV channels, radio stations and print media of the country. It also includes an interactive tool, available in the website through which Colombians will be able to make their own intervention in Caracolito and can consign their own vision of what friendship means.

Bavaria S. A. is the largest beverage company of Colombia. Its brands Águila, Águila Light, Club Colombia, Cola & Pola, Costeña, Costeñita, Peroni, Pilsen, Póker, Redd's and Pony Malta are leaders in their respective beverage categories in Colombia.

For additional information please contact:
Juan David Lee Aguirre


Phone +57-1-638 9290

- Bogotá, D.C.


This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accu-rate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. 
Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [12/03/2010].

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