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Pilsener presents its project “Futbol Para Todos” (Translation)

12 March 2010

PILSENER and Industrias La Constancia seek to generate a virtuous circle in which communities, local government and the private sector work towards a common goal:
To improve Salvadorans' quality of life through sports.

San Salvador - March 11, 2010. PILSENER presented this day its FUTBOL PARA TODOS (Soccer for All) program, which aims to promote sport as a fundamental element of Salvadorans well being by building indoor soccer fields in poor urban communities. The program's initial investment is $200,000 and will benefit some 30,000 people, youth, children and adults.

FUTBOL PARA TODOS is a program sponsored by PILSENER, Industrias La Constancia emblematic brand. The company has characterized itself by promoting projects of social benefit, as well as a constant support to sports.

"Pilsener has been present in El Salvador for more than 100 years, sharing and celebrating its values. We live our present proud of ourselves. We work hard to build a better future and we enjoy doing so. Pilsener promotes and celebrates coexistence: being together in a safe environment where we enjoy ourselves with family and friends", stated Isabel Castillo, PILSENER Brand Manager.

"Pilsner's objective through the carrying out of this project is to provide the infrastructure and logistical support necessary so that communities enjoy the benefits provide by open, regulated and healthy spaces, where its members have the freedom to enjoy sports, but also respect schedules and rules of use of this space. Thereby, promoting values that surround a healthy coexistence, such as solidarity, friendship and respect", added Estela Castillo.

"To carry out this ambitious initiative, PILSENER has identified a number of spaces in various communities in San Salvador, evaluating features such as: the number of people who will benefit from it, making sure they were communities with limited resources, making sure there was a physical space for the construction of the sports ground and that it was owned by the community, having a group of neighbors committed to the maintenance and care of the place", said Sergio Guardado, ILC Relational Marketing Manager and project leader.

In addition, he mentioned that the support of the selected communities' municipalities was sought. The request made to the municipalities was to collaborate in the creation of other useful activities within the same sports facility to be built.  "Thus, the program aims to generate a virtuous circle in which communities, local governments and the private sector work together towards a common goal, which is to improve the quality of life of thousands of Salvadorans", said Guardado.

PILSENER'S FUTBOL PARA TODOS has sought the cooperation of the local government because, besides sports activities, the facilities to be built will offer other activities, ranging from talks on the importance of values, skills training, aerobic classes, among others. This will enable communities to enjoy this space.

PILSENER'S FUTBOL PARA TODOS has also sought expert advice and is working hand in hand with Norberto Huezo, who participated in the National Public Security Council for many years, dealing with communities at risk. "In El Salvador, it has been proven that establishing open and safe spaces where children, youth and adults can play and have fun, but at the same time learn rules, respect and other values, is of great help in the creation of social ties that, in the long run, promote a healthier and more secure communities' coexistence", said Huezo.

"In Industrias La Constancia, we have a strong commitment to the development of El Salvador and this commitment is also evident through our brands' social responsibility, such as PILSENER, which is one of the most ambitious and important projects in our history of supporting sports. We are sure that FUTBOL PARA TODOS will trigger change in communities where it will contribute to make El Salvador a better country", stated Aldo Vallejo, ILC Corporate Relations Director.

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. 
Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [11/03/2010].


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