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Business Boards of Directors of Latin America shared experiences for HIV AIDS prevention (Translation)

2 December 2009

- Exchange of Experiences between the Regional Business Board of Directors as a response towards the HIV/AIDS and the Latin America and Caribbean Forum and STI took place in our country.

- Jessica Salas, Executive Director of  the National Board of Business Directors (CONAE) about Aids of Mexico and Mrs.. Jennie Gillies, responsible for managing the strategy of HIV/AIDS in more tan 40 countries where SABMiller Works participated in both events.

Lima, November 30th, 2009.- Within the framework of the International Day of  HIV Aids, important meetings were held in our capital city which allowed us to share experiences for the prevention of this epidemic.

The Board of Business Directors of Peru in response to HIV (CEVIH), presided over by Mrs. Magdalena Morales Valentín, Director of Sustainable Development of Backus, organized the workshop "Exchange of Experiences between the Regional Business Board of Directors in response to HIV/Aids", held by Mrs. Jessica Salas, Executive Director of the National Board of Business Directors of Aids (CONAE) of Mexico and Mrs. Jennie Gillies, responsible for managing the strategy of HIV/AIDS in more tan 40 countries where SABMiller can be found.

At the moment of the inauguration, Mrs. Morales Valentín highlighted the role that the companies should play as creators of strategies in order to minimize the impact that HIV has at the workplace, as well as to become facilitators of prevention. Likewise, she indicated that in our country, compared with others of the same regions, there is a legal framework that allows the companies to develop actions towards the improvement of the work relationships, increase the productivity and promote the development of a better quality of living, based on tolerance and the absence of discrimination. Today, in our country, the epidemic affects the economically active population, this because more than 50% of the population is found between the ages of 25 and 34 years old;  just in the metropolitan area of Lima we can find the 73% of the registered cases of HIV/Aids.

"In Backus as well as in other worldwide SABMiller operations, we work within a frame work of Sustainable Development, where one of our priorities is: To contribute to the reduction of HIV/Aids in our sphere of influence. Because of this, we believe that contributions like the one of Jennie Gillies, world level expert, are very valuable, because they reaffirm our social commitment as a company not only at a local level but also at a global level", pointed out the president of CEVIH and the director of Sustainable Development of Backus.

We must point out that during the V Latin America and Caribbean Forum of HIV/Aids and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections), on the table "Achievements of the Working-Business Sector within the framework of the Universal Access to the Prevention and Attention", to which more tan 100 people conformed by NGOs representatives, bilateral agencies, Government entities and academicians from countries of the region, Mrs. Manuela García Cochagne, Work and Employment Promotion Minister participated as a presenter, exposing the legal framework  of the Multisectorial Response (R. M.) Nº 376-2008-TR and the facilities that MINTRA offers to the companies to work on prevention of HIV at the work place, Mrs.  Jenni Gillies  with the exhibit  "The response of the corporative sector to the HIV/Aids: Sharing learning experiences" and Mrs. Magdalenas Morales Valentín sharing the first advances of the CEVIH.

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