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Bavaria led the signing of a corporate commitment to set ethics principles in motion

19 October 2009

Bogotá, October 15th, 2009 - Under the motto "Ethics, the brand of all our brands", the Third Corporate Ethics Forum was held yesterday in the Salitre installations of the Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá. The forum was organized by Bavaria, and companies and institutions from different sectors of the country took the opportunity to sign the Commitment to Set in Motion the Ethical Principles of Colombian Entrepreneurship.

The aim of the document is for companies to develop and implement several actions based on ethical standards, in a way that will show their stakeholders the importance of this initiative.

Luis Carlos Villegas, president of the ANDI stated: "It is very comforting for the association to confirm that the new global context, this declaration of ethical principles continues to be important (...). To Bavaria, once again my thanks for holding this third forum, which contributes to making Colombia a country with a formal, and from an ethical standpoint, exemplary standard of entrepreneurship".

Colombian Hugo Alberto Niño addressed the forum on the issue of the "Actuality of Entrepreneurial Ethics"; the North Americans Eduardo Paul Schmidt and Hans Picker also spoke at the forum, respectively, on the issues of "How to build an ethics code in a participative manner" and "Measurement of Ethical Values".

Fernando Jaramillo, vice-president of Corporate Affairs of Bavaria added: "Our goal with this forum was to acknowledge the value of ethics in the creation of leadership, stability, development, and trust in the future of the country and it's an invitation for all Colombian entrepreneurs to reinforce their commitment to reaching the highest ethical standards in their respective operations".

Aside from Bavaria, the companies adhering to the ethical commitment were: Alpina, Etb, Alpha Seguridad Privada, Ecopetrol, Servientrega, Alqueria, Universidad La Sabana, Obras Y Diseños S.A., Asg Asistencia Y Soporte Global, Brigard & Urrutia, Citibank, Acesco, Inversiones Mundial, Bancolombia, Organización Terpel, Cardenas Y Cardenas Abogados, Avianca, Prieto & Carrizosa, Almagran S.A., Almacenar S.A., Ccb, Casa Editorial El Tiempo, Natalia Echeverry - Consultor and Sigifredo Quintero Contreras - Consultor.

Bavaria S. A. is the largest beverage company in Colombia. Its brands Águila, Águila Light, Club Colombia, Cola & Pola, Costeña, Costeñita, Peroni, Pilsen, Póker, Redd's and Pony Malta are leaders in their respective beverage categories in Colombia.

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