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Thousands of opinions on alcohol responsibility – Moderate consumption and teaching in the family are the most important (Translation)

7 August 2009

Budapest, 5th August 2009, - Nearly five thousand adults have participated in the online survey introduced at Dreher Breweries Ltd. has launched the survey in the frame of its Alcohol Responsibility Program started together with Gábor Talmácsi. The survey examined the opinion and attitudes of Hungary's adult population in connection with alcohol responsibility. From the answers it turns out that adults have concrete opinions and even more, solution suggestions in the issue affecting the whole society.

As the latest element of Dreher Breweries Ltd's Alcohol Responsibility Program, with the cooperation of Gábor Talmácsi, an opinion survey connected to alcohol consumption was introduced on the website  with the support of the National Association of Large Families. 

The survey avoids the "on what occasions and how much alcohol do you consume" cycle of questions and, besides the individual interpretation of responsible consumption, it examines the opinions and suggestions for handling the social problems caused by excessive drinking.

The questionnaire was filled by nearly five thousand (4868) persons above the legal age limit; more than two thirds of the respondents were (67.7%) men and one third (32.3%) were women. 94% of the respondents were from the age group between 18 and 54.

8 of 10 respondents indicated the consumption of alcohol on meetings with family or friends at home or at catering units, at parties and on special occasions. More than half of the respondents said that they did not consume alcohol at all while watching TV (66%), or during meals (55%).

By the individual definition of responsible alcohol consumption the respondents highlighted the temperance, the occasional consumption and the knowledge of self-limits. There was no single opinion on defining the bottom limit of excessive alcohol consumption: 38% of the respondents indicated 4-5 drinks consumed within 2-3 hours (1 glass means 0.5 l beer, 0.2 l vine, 0.33 l cocktail, 0.2 l champagne or 4 cl spirit), while 37.5% indicated 6 or more drinks as the bottom limit of excessive alcohol consumption. However, 24% of women considered 2-3 glasses already as excessive alcohol consumption.

7 of 10 respondents (78%) deemed driving under alcoholic influence as the biggest problem. Violence and vandalism were indicated by 70% of respondents as well as the falling apart of families, which was considered by 6 of 10 respondents (67%) as a serious risk.

More than a half of the respondents (55%) considered the role of family teaching and showing example as a very effective method on working against irresponsible alcohol consumption.  4 of 10 respondents (44%) see the value of free-time activities and 30% of them see the keeping of underage legal regulations as being very effective as well.

The majority of respondents (37%) see the limitation of selling alcohol as an ineffective step taken against irresponsible alcohol consumption. 33% of them think that price increase is also in this category, as well as involvement of doctors, which is considered ineffective by 17% of the respondents.

"We are very happy that so many visitors filled in the questionnaire, as the high level of interest shows that people are touched by the topic and a social dialogue has started. Responsible attitude is fundamental to our lives and consuming alcoholic drinks with responsibility is an organic part of this responsible attitude" - said Gary Whitlie, Managing Director of Dreher Breweries. "We receive a lot of feedback and opinions that not only strengthen the success of our Program but give new dimensions and ideas for its continuation."

Among those who filled in the questionnaire, 3 trips to the August 16, 2009 Brno MotoGP race were drawn. The lucky ones who win can cheer for Gábor Talmácsi, who has been a partner and supporter of Dreher Breweries' Alcohol Responsibility Program from the beginning. The three winners receive 2-2 Gold VIP Dorna pass entry tickets that are good for the duration of the entire race, meaning admission to the VIP Village locations and contain a pit lane visit too.

"I have been an active participant of the Program from the beginning, and the big interest toward the initiative only confirmed my view that we do have to talk more and do have to talk louder about responsible behavior and the weight of our decisions. The results of the opinion survey and the fact that so many have filled in the questionnaire shows that the question of alcohol responsibility is important to many of us." - said Gábor Talmácsi.

Further details on the results of the survey can be found on

Alcohol Responsibility Program of Dreher Breweries: 

Dreher Breweries launched its Alcohol Responsibility Program in cooperation with Gábor Talmácsi world champion motorcyclist in 2008. This January the Program's information sharing website,  was also launched and since then it has been visited by 77 thousand people. The website, which puts individual responsibility as a main focus, places much emphasis on giving information. Also, visitors can join in forums, ask their questions and share their opinion. A further specialty of the site is a body map that shows step by step what happens to the body when we drink alcohol.

As the latest element of the Alcohol Responsibility Program, in the summer of 2009 the highly popular website was enriched with a new topic and an opinion survey. Under the "Topic of the Month" heading, the brewery raises a new topic each month in connection with responsible alcohol consumption. It is made complete by life scenes of Gábor Talmácsi, as well as video from an expert and visitors' comments. A further novelty of the Program is the survey connected to alcohol consumption, launched with the recommendation of the National Association of Big Families.

"We are very happy that our Program has reached such nice results so far" - said Gary Whitlie, Managing Director of Dreher Breweries.  "And we are especially proud that we, as the only company in Hungary, presented our program as a pledge towards the European Union's Alcohol and Health Forum."

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.  

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on 05-08-09.

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