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Grolsch toasts with Moke and Junkie XL on roof in Amsterdam (Translation)

4 August 2009

Dozens of people witness spectacle from the street

At this moment, famous Amsterdam band Moke and internationally renowned artist and music producer Junkie XL are giving a special performance on a roof in the middle of downtown Amsterdam. They have gathered here for the taping of the new Grolsch TV commercial, in which Moke and Junkie XL are jamming and toasting together on behalf of the "Who are you toasting with?" campaign. The taping of the commercial has ended and now the artists are playing some of their own songs for the present crowd. Dozens of people have gathered on the streets down below and have come to the windows of neighboring buildings to watch the live spectacle.

The main characters of the new Grolsch commercial have not been picked randomly. Grolsch examined which famous people in the music world would be a perfect match for Grolsch's typical characteristics such as ‘uniqueness' and ‘independence'. The talented Dutch band Moke quickly came to mind. In 2007, they released their debut album and ever since then, have become increasingly popular. We asked the guys in Moke which artist they admired and would like to toast with and on their wish list they put Junkie XL, alias Tom Holkenborg. A perfect match for Grolsch, since Tom Holkenborg also hails from the east of the Netherlands, and is an internationally renowned artist.

"We have a lot of respect and admiration for Junkie XL's versatility and persistance. Against the wishes of many, the artist moved to the United Statest to further his career and managed to make his dream come true! The fact that he was allowed to do a remix on Elvis Presley's heavily protected estate says enough," says Moke. Junkie XL: "I love bands that do their own thing and march to the beat of their own drum."

Who are you toasting with?
Grolsch' new TV commercial with Moke and Junkie XL will start airing on television on the 21st of September and is part of the "Who are you toasting with?" campaign, in which uniqueness and independence are central themes. The commercial is directed by well-known director Johan Kramer.

Junkie XL and Moke are performing on Raamstraat and will continue until 10 PM.

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This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on  We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. 
Note, the news release was first published in its local market on 31-07-09.

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