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Half year results 2014

SABMiller's UK business outperforms beer market

Miller Brands UK (MBUK), has grown domestic lager volume sales by five per cent in the six months to 30 September 2013. This growth was supported by the Pilsner Urquell brand which performed strongly during the period, growing by 17%

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Centre Umbrella accepted a cheque for a half million CZK (about 24,000 USD) that came from the auction of ten unique Pilsner Urquell bottles24 Dec 2013

For the third year in a row, Backus received the distinction of Socially Responsible Company24 Dec 2013

Cerveza Cusqueña Presents Its Quinua Special Edition19 Dec 2013

Beer Brewing Museum Announces the Winners of the Best Christmas Gingerbread Creations Contest19 Dec 2013

Prazdroj To People Programme Will Reward 10 Organisations13 Dec 2013

The Auction of 10 Unique Pilsner Urquell Bottles from Lars Kemper Raised More Than Half a Million CZK (about 25,000 USD) for the Umbrella Foundation12 Dec 2013

La Laguna City Hall, Fecao and Compañía Cervecera Join Efforts to Revive Activity on Thursdays in Aguere11 Dec 2013

Neumannová, Špaček and Doktor Shipped Olympic Pilsner Urquell Beer to Sochi11 Dec 2013

Věra Pálová Made the Best Christmas Bread10 Dec 2013

Pilsner Urquell Celebrated 140 Years Since the First Export to American Pubs10 Dec 2013

Pilsner Urquell Gallery Offers Lessons in Beer Draughting as an Original Christmas Gift09 Dec 2013

Billy-Goat’s Christmas Event Will Offer a Rich Programme and Traditionally the Best Christmas Bread in the Popovice Region04 Dec 2013

The Ministry of Culture Awards Researchers from Trujillo with the Recognition Person Worthy of Culture04 Dec 2013

Players of 15 Hockey Clubs Will Draught Radegast Gloomy Bitter for Fans03 Dec 2013

Dorada Joins the Recreational Events For the Nuit Blanche in La Laguna03 Dec 2013

Prazdroj To People Program Will Support 12 Project In Moravian-Silesian Region02 Dec 2013

Not Only Czech Beer But Even Czech Design Celebrated Succuss in the World02 Dec 2013

Radegast Brewery's Invitation To Gloomy Bitter Night Tours29 Nov 2013

Backus Bioclimatic Distribution Center in Piura Is Awarded with the Premio Perú 2021 for Its Innovative Environmental Proposal28 Nov 2013

SAB Distributes 16 Million Condoms to SA Taverns28 Nov 2013

Pilsen Callao Receives 3 DIGI Awards for Its Campaign “No estamos locos, somos patas” (We are not crazy, we are friends)26 Nov 2013

Beer Brewing Museum Will Be Filled with the Sweet Scent of the Most Beautiful Gingerbreads25 Nov 2013

SAB Posts Strong Results For Six Months To End September 201321 Nov 2013

Plzeňský Prazdroj Issued a New Report About Sustainable Development19 Nov 2013

Engineer from Eastern Cape is Winner of SAB Youth Entrepreneurship Competition 201319 Nov 2013

Backus Wins the 2013 Pioneer Awards for a Project Carried Out in the North13 Nov 2013

The Drainage System in Piuray Will Be a Reality Thanks to Backus and BCP Credit Bank13 Nov 2013

Radegast Welcomed Its Jubilee Visitor and Introduced Winter Season Novelties13 Nov 2013

171st Anniversary of the First Batch of Pilsen Lager Was Also Celebrated in Hanoi13 Nov 2013

Dreher Organises a Forum on Pregnancy and Alcohol12 Nov 2013

Bitter, Demi-Bitter Lager Is Being Brewed in Radegast Brewery06 Nov 2013

SAB Welcomes Wage Settlement with FAWU05 Nov 2013

Velkopopovický Kozel Brewery Was Visited by More Than 25,000 Tourists This Year05 Nov 2013

SAB You Decide Presents 'Future Leader' TV Reality Show, the Next Chapter in the Campaign to Curb Underage Drinking04 Nov 2013

Vision Health Mobile App Is R1 Million Winner of SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards04 Nov 2013

Compañía Cervecera Invests €2.2 Million in Actions that Contribute to the Sustainable Development of Canarias04 Nov 2013

Doradita Is Presented in the Market with a Campaign to Support Local Artists and the Hospitality Sector31 Oct 2013

Employees of the Radegast Brewery Were Helping in the Woods31 Oct 2013

Voltic Screens Nyameani Methodist Primary Pupils30 Oct 2013

Accra Brewery Donates to 29th Farmer's Day Celebrations30 Oct 2013

Voltic Hands Over Tutu Desks to World Vision Ghana for Distribution to Deprived Schools30 Oct 2013

Accra Brewery Trains Retailers on its Alcohol Policy30 Oct 2013

Accra Brewery and Graphic Provide Free Health Screening to Adabraka Residents30 Oct 2013

Zambian Breweries Plc. Clarifies Maltings Investment30 Oct 2013

Dorada Presents Its New Campaign to Support Local Artists and the Hospitality Sector29 Oct 2013

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Hosts the LPA Beer Fest This Weekend, Sponsored by Tropical23 Oct 2013

Beer Brewing Museum Will Inspire with its Creative Workshops22 Oct 2013

Compañía Cervecera increases its investment 24% during this year up to €6.5 million22 Oct 2013

New Wave of Environmental Journalists Sweep Up SAB Environmental Media Awards 201316 Oct 2013

Refundable Cups: “Pilsner Fest’s” Contribution to the Environment16 Oct 2013

Record Visitor Participation at “Summer in Prazdroj” Beats All Expectations15 Oct 2013

František Šťastný Is Remembered With an Original Helmet15 Oct 2013

Dorada’s aluminum bottle, which pays tribute to Los Indianos, is awarded an international prize11 Oct 2013

Cusqueña beer renews its visual identity11 Oct 2013

Fans of FC Baník Will Meet with Players in Eight Pubs10 Oct 2013

The brewing of the first batch of Pilsner Urquell will be celebrated all around the Czech Republic09 Oct 2013

František Šťástka, the Czech who serves the beer in Manhattan, New York, is the World Champion of serving Pilsen beer08 Oct 2013

Pilsner Fest 2013, the celebration of the birth of Pilsner Urquell, was visited by 45,000 people on Saturday, October 508 Oct 2013

Plátano de Canarias (Banana from Canarias) moves its spirit of solidarity and social responsibility to the Endesa League07 Oct 2013

Prazdroj celebrates “Day of Czech beer” (Translation)30 Sep 2013

Beers from Plzeňský Prazdroj led by Gambrinus succeeded in a tasting competition (Translation)30 Sep 2013

Backus has been chosen for the second year in a row as one of the top ten most admired companies in Peru (Translation)27 Sep 2013

Radegast succeeded in prestigious competition in Germany (Translation)27 Sep 2013

They welcomed the 171,000th visitor to celebrate 171 years from the brewing of the first batch of Pilsner Urquell in Prazdroj (Translation)20 Sep 2013

Bags from Strakonice are the winners of “The Urquell of Talents 2013” competition (Translation)20 Sep 2013




Cervecería Hondureña receives regional recognition from The Coca-Cola Company18 Sep 2013

The Oktoberfest-Peru comes back, the biggest beer party for all tastes in the country17 Sep 2013



Supporting the progress of its retailers11 Sep 2013

“Astrid y Gastón” Restaurant Wins Two Awards from Cerveza Cusqueña (Translation)09 Sep 2013

Backus launches the program “4e: Road to Progress” which will benefit more than 12,400 wine makers nationwide (Translation)09 Sep 2013


Tropical keeps its strong commitment to investment and innovation after almost 90 years of business as well as its support to the stimulation of the economy in the Canary Islands04 Sep 2013

Kateřina Krásová is a new press contact for Plzeňský prazdroj04 Sep 2013

Blue Effect with MCs Nasty and En.dru Brewed Beer for Pilsner Fest04 Sep 2013

Guaraná Backus presents its new 355 ml (11.33 oz) can04 Sep 2013

SAB Sports Media Awards 2013 – Work Produced Dates For Submission Correction04 Sep 2013

University of Pretoria Wins SAB InterVarsity Beer Brewing Challenge 201302 Sep 2013

Entries Open for SAB Sports Media Awards 201302 Sep 2013

Gambrinus Juicy Citrus is one of the Beer Specials of 201302 Sep 2013

Hand in hand with the Ministry of Women, Backus inaugurates its second nursing room in the Rímac district30 Aug 2013

The best helmet was inspired by František Šťastný30 Aug 2013

BAGS won the seventh duel of the Urquell of Talents contest29 Aug 2013

SAB Announces New Look Judging Panel for Environmental Media Awards 201329 Aug 2013

Celebration of Hops: Czech Republic Knows Its Champion in Picking the Green Gold27 Aug 2013

Plzeňsky Prazdroj Team Has a New General Manager Paolo Lanzarotti27 Aug 2013

Visitors to Grand Prix Brno Will Select the Best Helmet26 Aug 2013

Mpumalanga Province and SAB Partner on Socio-Economic Development23 Aug 2013

The Victory in the Sixth Duel of the Urquell of Talents Contest Belongs to Pillow Fight Band22 Aug 2013

National Breweries Plc to Build a US $24m, 2.1m hl Plant in Lusaka22 Aug 2013

Tomáš Hrnčíř of “Lokál U Bílé kuželky” Restaurant is the Best Pilsner Urquell Bartender in Czech Republic19 Aug 2013

Motorcycle 500-Mile Bohemia for the First Time in Bohemia19 Aug 2013

The Huacas del Sol y de la Luna Project is chosen as one of the top 10 archaeological research projects in the world19 Aug 2013

Band FANFAN Won the Fifth Duel of the Urquell of Talents Contest16 Aug 2013

Compañía Cervecera Consolidates Its Commitment to Quality by Obtaining a Certificate in Food Safety14 Aug 2013

Backus Tonic Water Re-Launches Itself14 Aug 2013

Players of 14 Extraleague Teams Brewed Unfiltered Lager for the Radegast Day09 Aug 2013

The Band ISUA Won the Fourth Duel of the “Urquell of Talents” Contest08 Aug 2013

Pilsen Callao Celebrates its 150th Anniversary with its Spectacular Promotion: “Everyone is Coming Back”07 Aug 2013

Learn Beach Volleyball with Kiki and Maki!07 Aug 2013

French Apprentices Learned Traditional Craft from Pilsen Cooper Masters07 Aug 2013

SAB Kickstart Joins the Hookup Dinner in Support of Young Entrepreneurs01 Aug 2013

Kingswood Cider Is Bringing an Oasis of Greenery and Relaxation to Prague’s Republic Square01 Aug 2013

Sinfonía Por El Perú Inaugurates a Workshop-School of Lutherie in Andahuaylillas, Huaro and Urcos30 Jul 2013

Tropical Supports Innovation With the Launch of Its New Thermochromatic Labels30 Jul 2013

San Mateo Presents a New 7 litre (1.8 gallons) Bottle26 Jul 2013

Radegast Was One of the Stars of This Year's 'Colours'25 Jul 2013

Downtown Brno Full of Greenery and Relaxation with Kingswood Cider24 Jul 2013

Backus and Reforesta Perú Won the Contest and Are Participating in a Project of Forest Innovation in Pucallpa17 Jul 2013

For the Fifth Year in a Row, Backus Is Recognised by the BVL because of its Good Practices of Corporate Governance16 Jul 2013

Popular Music from the Czech Music Scene Will Be the Sound of Summer in Prazdroj11 Jul 2013

Plátano de Canarias Adheres to the Clean Sports Corporate Commitment08 Jul 2013

Welcome to Kingswood – a New Brand of Cider Makes its Way to the Czech Market, Bringing with it a Taste of “Cool Summer”04 Jul 2013

Stars of the Czech Music Scene, Including a Speciality, and the Winners of Urquell of Talents Will Perform at this Year's Pilsner Fest03 Jul 2013

More than 8,000 People Participated in the Fiesta Tropical Limón that Took Place at Alcaravaneras Beach03 Jul 2013

Pilsner Urquell Tour Path Was Awarded a Prestigious "Certificate of Exellence" Award from TripAdvisor02 Jul 2013

Alcaravaneras Beach Gets Ready for Nine Hours of Partying for the Tropical Limón Macroevent Taking Place Tomorrow01 Jul 2013

Radegast Will Offer a Unique Beer in Czech Republic28 Jun 2013

Prazdroj's Further Investment in a New Production Line27 Jun 2013

Velkopopovický Kozel Dark Was Awarded Regional Award THRESHOLD. Come See Where It Is Brewed26 Jun 2013

Tropical Limón Invites People to ‘Mix’ in a Macroparty of Leisure and Sporting Activities in Las Alcaravaneras on the 29th26 Jun 2013

Players of FC Baník Will Have to Work for Lost Bet25 Jun 2013

Kr100, 000 Widows Training Centre Officially Commissioned20 Jun 2013

Czechs Love Grilling and Beer, Survey Confirms17 Jun 2013

Interest in Mixed Beer Drinks in PET Packaging Is on the Rise14 Jun 2013

Ján Svorada Will Fulfil His Lost Bet. He Will Serve Birell.13 Jun 2013

Father’s Day Celebrations: Fathers’ Hike to Říp Mountain, Awarding of New Fathers, and Limited Edition of Pilsen Lager12 Jun 2013

Teenagers Urged Not to Compromise Future by Drinking Alcohol10 Jun 2013

CEO of Plzensky Prazdroj Doug Brodman Promoted from Prazdroj to SABMiller Europe06 Jun 2013

The Eco-efficient Management of Compañía Cervecera Allows it to Reduce the Consumption of Water by 17% and the Consumption of Electricity by 7%05 Jun 2013

Kryštof Band Will Play at "Radegast Day." Entrance Is Traditionally Free04 Jun 2013

Nonprofit Organisations May Apply for Financial Help from the Program "Prazdroj to People"04 Jun 2013

Dorada Launches its ‘Plan Viernes’ (Plan Friday) to Reactivate the Hospitality Sector with the Participation of 3,000 Establishments from All the Canary Islands04 Jun 2013

New K450m Ndola Zambian Breweries Plc Brewery Officially Opened04 Jun 2013

Morávka River Will Undergo Thorough Cleansing03 Jun 2013

Dorada Introduces a New Campaign to Support the Canarian Hospitality Industry31 May 2013

New K450m Ndola Zambian Breweries Plc Brewery Officially Opened24 May 2013

Radegast Enters the Season with a New Equipment, New Packaging, and Stronger Communication23 May 2013

Velkopopovický Kozel Will Introduce Its Unfiltered Lager23 May 2013

SAB Delivers Another Year of Strong Growth in Revenue and Profit to End March 201323 May 2013

Compañía Cervecera Reinforces Its Commitment to Recycle. 97% of All Its Waste Is Recycled20 May 2013

Celebrate the Value of True Friendship with Pilsen Callao17 May 2013

Promile INFO Service Now Available for Windows Phone16 May 2013

Prazdroj of Talents Is Here – the Winner Will Play at This Year's Pilsner Fest!15 May 2013

Tropical Maintains its Commitment to Innovation with the Launching of its New Beer with Natural Lemon14 May 2013

Gold Medalists Opened Exhibition - Nagano 15 years at the Radegast Brewery13 May 2013

The Day of Kozel Is Here Once Again07 May 2013

Birell Lemon & Pomegranate: Fresh Air for the Nonalcoholic Beer Market06 May 2013

Kabát Band in Radegast Brewery30 Apr 2013

Birell Lemon & Pomegranate: the Taste Palette Is Getting Wider30 Apr 2013

Consumers Know Exactly What Flavoured Beers They Want29 Apr 2013

This Year's Pilsner Fest is the Real Celebration of the Birth of the Pilsen Original25 Apr 2013

Appreciate the Best Moments of Life and Enjoy the Road to Success with Cusqueña22 Apr 2013

Pilsner Urquell Continues Historic Cooperation with the National Theater19 Apr 2013

Historical Beer Share Emerges at Hungarian Beer Trophy Collecting Club17 Apr 2013

Tropical Pays Tribute to Vegueta with a Limited Edition of Bottles with Images of its Most Memorable Buildings12 Apr 2013

Pilsner Urquell Bets on Czech Originality12 Apr 2013

The City Hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, AVOR and Tropical Will Present an Edition of Commemorative Bottles of the 40th Anniversary of Vegueta as a Historical Site11 Apr 2013

SAB Kickstart 2013 Offers Young Entrepreneurs a Share of R6-Million04 Apr 2013

Vatican Accepted Traditional Greeting from Pilsen – Blessed Beer and an Original Gift from Pilsner Urquell03 Apr 2013

Baník Coach Is Facing Evening Shift Behind the Bar02 Apr 2013

Cristal Beer Confirms its Leadership and Launches Two New Presentations, “Chelita” and “La Campeona”29 Mar 2013

The Bar Angelito in Telde Pays Homage to the UD Las Palmas Supporters with a Display of 6000 Limited Edition Bottles of Tropical29 Mar 2013

Kiki and Maki Introduce Gambrinus Juicy Citrus to the Market27 Mar 2013

Backus Will Invest S/. 3.8 million in Infrastructure Works in Arequipa26 Mar 2013

Backus and Sinfonía for el Perú Present the New Workshop School of Lutherie26 Mar 2013

An Original Gift from Pilsner Urquell Is on its Way to the Vatican25 Mar 2013

During Extra League Matches the Noise Level Is Nearly 120 decibels21 Mar 2013

Cervecería Hondureña Supports Safe Summer 201321 Mar 2013

Guacimara Medina Highlights Compañía Cervecera’s Commitment to the Environment Through its Development Plan20 Mar 2013

Coca-Cola Prices Slashed19 Mar 2013

The Deputy Minister of the Environment Will Visit the Tropical Factory to Learn About Developments Compañía Cervecera Is Making in Green Initiatives18 Mar 2013

Tackling the Challenges of Drunk Driving15 Mar 2013

DTI, NYDA & SAB Recommit to Continue the Fight Against Underage Drinking15 Mar 2013

SAB Foundation Innovation Awards Calls for 2013 Entries06 Mar 2013

SABMiller to begin construction of brewery in Namibia in April this year06 Mar 2013

Non-Pasteurized Gambrinus Offers a Unique Tasting Experience05 Mar 2013

SAB Invests Hundreds of Millions of Rands Into Ambitious New Maltings Plant25 Feb 2013

Compañía Cervecera’s Employees Will Spend Part of Their Working Time Assisting Children’s Villages22 Feb 2013

Enjoy Snow-Flavoured Gambrinus20 Feb 2013

Beer Oscars Awarded in Great Britain19 Feb 2013

Two Win All-Expenses-Paid Peroni Prize Trip to Italy19 Feb 2013

Winner of Stone Strong Lager Mini Promotion Takes Home Branded Pool Table19 Feb 2013

Accra Brewery and Voltic Place Premium on Employee Training19 Feb 2013

Voltic Shows Valentine Love to Meyah Preparatory School at Medie19 Feb 2013

Dorada Joins the Celebration of the Day Carnival to the Rhythm of the Batucada18 Feb 2013

SAB Announces Top 15 Youth Entrepreneurship Finalists For 201315 Feb 2013

Bishop of Plzeň Traditionally Blessed the Easter Batch of Pilsner Urquell13 Feb 2013

A Tip for the Weekend - Velké Popovice Brewery Organises Lada’s Pig Feast13 Feb 2013

Sports Club for People Living with Disabilities and for Healthy People - The Report Won an Award11 Feb 2013

Grindrod Wins Inaugural SAB World Beer Bankers Tasting Challenge11 Feb 2013

Dorada Participates in the Indianos Celebration with Limited Edition Bottles and Cuban Conga Street Entertainment04 Feb 2013

Aquafondo and National Water Authority Sign Institutional Cooperation Agreement04 Feb 2013

Thousands of Visitors Experienced the Radegast Brewery in 201230 Jan 2013

A Unique Tunnel Leading Through the Cellars of the Velké Popovice Brewery Became the Most Popular Attraction in 201230 Jan 2013

A Record Number of Visitors for Plzeňsky Prazdroj - More Then 270 Thousand Visitors Per Year30 Jan 2013

Plzeňský Prazdroj: Company Highlights in 201229 Jan 2013

Plzeňský Prazdroj Had a Record-Breaking Export in 201229 Jan 2013

Last year, Compañía Cervecera Spent 2.4 Million Euros in Actions Aimed to Promote Sustainable Development29 Jan 2013

Three Sisters' benefit concert (Translation)25 Jan 2013

Trujillo received the Guinness Record with the Marinera (Translation)25 Jan 2013

“Súmate, Solo +18” Movement Promotes Showing of ID24 Jan 2013

Presentation of the Book “Un Destino con Futuro,” on the Development of the Andean Baroque Route22 Jan 2013

Dorada Presents its New Campaign to Support the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival with a Song and Special-Edition Bottles18 Jan 2013

Dorada Supports the Chicharrero Carnival with Canarian Comedians and New Limited-Edition Bottles18 Jan 2013

Sales of Cerveza Cusqueña in Chile Increase by Almost 50%14 Jan 2013


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