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New content on - Pictures of Gabor Talmacsi, videos with experts, and opinion polls for social conversation! (Translation)

9 July 2009

As a new element of the Responsible Alcohol Consumption Programme of Dreher Breweries Ltd., been updated with further content and an opinion poll.

The newest component of the Responsible Alcohol Consumption Programme of Dreher Breweries Ltd. can be found on "Issues of the Month" at The website has been visited 41.000. times so far. In the new part of the website, the company will initiate various conversations about different issues in connection with the responsible alcohol consumption (e.g. drinking at workplace, temperance) each month. The given topic will be enhanced with a video featuring Gabor Talmacsi, who will present an everyday life situation with videos made with experts on the topic, and include visitors' comments and opinions as well.

On Monday, the 6th of July, an online survey was launched on, aimed to strengthen the social conversation. In the survey, the National Association for the Big Families also participated.
The online questionnaire primarily examines the behaviour and attitude of the adult Hungarian population in connection with responsible alcohol consumption. Three bonus trips, each for two people, will be drawn from the lucky respondents, who will be given the chance to visit the Brno Grand Prix on the 16th of August 2009. The winners of these bonus trips can root for Gabor Talmacsi on site. The winners will receive 2-2 Gold VIP Dorna pass admission tickets with which they can visit the VIP Village sites during the race, and participate in an official visit of the pitlane. The questionnaire will be available on the website till the 28th of July, midnight.

"Moderate consumption of alcoholic drinks constitutes an essential part of responsible thinking , so we believe that it is important to share the opinions and experiences of people on this significant issue." - said Mónika Agócs, Corporate Affairs Manager of Dreher Breweries Ltd. "Therefore, we encourage everybody to visit the website, fill in the questionnaire, and share with us his opinion because responsible behaviour is our common interest."

For more information about the survey and the game, visit the website:

Responsible Alcohol Consumption Programme of Dreher Breweries Ltd.

Dreher Breweries Ltd. launched its Responsible Alcohol Consumption Programme in 2008 in cooperation with Gabor Talmacsi, the world champion motorcyclist. In January 2009, the company introduced a new, informative website, which has so far been visited by 41.000 visitors. The site focuses on individual responsibility, and concentrates on sharing valuable information. Besides the useful information about alcohol consumption, one speciality of the site is a special body illustration demonstrating step by step what happens in our body when we consume alcohol.

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