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Pilsen Callao joins Friends Day movement

29 May 2009

To ensure the success of a special day to share with true friends

- Friends Day will be celebrated for the first time in Peru on Saturday, July 4th this year, and is projected to become an annual event every first Saturday of July. 

- Emphasizing the value of true friendship, Pilsen Callao will offer attractive promotions to its clients and consumers to celebrate this day.

- Over 25,000 people have joined the Friends Day movement through online social networks.

Lima, May 29, 2009.  Pilsen Callao, the historic Peruvian brewery, announced it has joined the Friends Day movement, which began May 9 on radio, television and online social networks.

The movement, which promotes the celebration of Friends Day, has been successful in bringing Friends Day to Peru for the first time ever on Saturday, July 4th, and the celebration is expected to become an annual event every first Saturday of July. 

Through its support of Friends Day, an event which is already celebrated in other countries of the region, Pilsen Callao seeks to emphasize and encourage the value of true friendship.

"Peruvians cherish true friendship, and enjoying fun moments with friends is something we all long for. However, due to our everyday responsibilities, such as work and various engagements, we can't get together as often as we would like. We're sponsoring Friends Day because it's a celebration that promotes getting together and celebrating with friends. Pilsen Callao is proud to lead this initiative," explains Henry Trou, Pilsen Callao brand manager.

In order to promote this celebration and ensure its success, Pilsen Callao will use its alliances with unions, shopping centres and leaders of public opinion.  Pilsen Callao will invest a large amount of resources and over .2 million Peruvian Sols to promote the event, through traditional media such as TV, radio and newspapers, as well as innovative BTL actions and social marketing through blogs and social networks such as Facebook and Hi5, and the website. So far, over 25,000 Peruvians have joined the movement through these channels.

Seeing the warm reception the Friends Day movement has received in the country, Pilsen Callao is inviting all friends to get together on their day, the first Saturday of July, and enjoy the numerous events which will take place in Lima, Cusco, Chiclayo, Chimbote, Pucallpa, Iquitos and Huancayo.

About Pilsen Callao

By far the oldest brewery in Peru, and one of the oldest in South America, Pilsen Callao traces its origins back to 1863, when Federico Bindels and Frenchman Aloise Kieffer produced their first beer in the portside neighbourhood of Callao.  The rise of Pilsen Callao took place during a tumultuous moment of Peruvian history, and now, almost a century and a half later, consumers are loyal to the beer's quality and historical value, giving it the highest levels of preference in the Peruvian beer market.  Pilsen Callao is the beer of true friendship.

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