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Cervecería Hondureña Donates Half Million Lempiras To Conapra

6 April 2009

With the objective of helping prevent accidents and ensuring the safety of the Honduran population during Holy Week, Cervecería Hondureña gave the Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Accidentes, CONAPRA, [National Commission for the Prevention of Accidents] a donation of logistic materials valued at a half million Lempiras (the currency of Honduras).

The support consists of a donation of 1,300 Breathalyzers for the detection of alcohol consumption on the roads, and 200 traffic cones for use in police checkpoints on the roads, complementing the 18 checkpoint tents which were donated last year and will be used again. Additionally, Cervecería Hondureña donated 45 billboards with messages oriented toward preventing traffic accidents and promoting the respect of traffic signs and law enforcement officials on the roads.         

Another component of the donation is a  radio campaign which raises safety awareness among drivers, and the population in general, in areas with high concentrations of vacationers. Finally, Cervecería Hondureña also donated 20,000 soft drinks to complement the meal that CONAPRA workers will receive when participating in the Summer 2009 campaign.

With these materials, authorities aim to reduce traffic accidents by 15%.  Traffic accidents are the main cause of death in this season of the year, due to the large numbers of people visiting tourist sites and travelling in all parts of the country.

This donation was presented to the president of CONAPRA, commissioner Rene Maradiaga Panchame, by Cervecería Hondureña's vice president of corporate affairs, Roberto Alvarez.  Alvarez underscored the company's ongoing commitment to the safety and wellbeing of Hondurans, especially during the Holy Week, Christmas and New Years holidays.  Cervecería Hondureña gives this donation and other kinds of support to CONAPRA and the Ministry of Safety every year.

CONAPRA is formed by people from various public and private organizations, such as the National Police, the National Office of Traffic, the Red Cross, the Green Cross, the First Aid Team, and the Army, among others. The organization operates with a particularly strong presence during Holy Week and Christmas, and has been successful in previous years in decreasing the number of traffic accidents and deaths during these times of the year.

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