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SABMiller RUS targets strong beer segment

10 March 2009

SABMiller RUS started production of Amsterdam Navigator at Kaluga brewery, thus extending its portfolio with a new brand in "strong beer" category.

SABMiller RUS announces about Amsterdam Navigator production start at Kaluga brewery and sales start in Russia.

Amsterdam Navigator belongs to Dutch Royal Grolsch N.V brewery, which in August 2008 was acquired by SABMiller plc. The brand has been sold in Russia since 1997. Local production started in 2004 and until recently was executed by one of the leading brewing companies in Russia. In March 2009 license for Amsterdam Navigator local production passed to SABMiller RUS.

Strong beer category is one of the most stable. The category development reflects the trend of the general beer market. Amsterdam Navigator production start is in line with SABMiller RUS portfolio strategy development - says Bertrand van Renynghe, Marketing Director SABMiller RUS, - Amsterdam Navigator perfectly fits into our portfolio, as it belongs to premium licensed beer and fills super-strong beer niche, which until now was vacant».

Amsterdam Navigator has an ABV of 8,2% which is achieved by a prolonged fermentation process. Quality and taste profile of the product correspond to the original recipe and European brewing tradition.

Packaging will change slightly. Traditional bottle will be equipped with a user-friendly twist off crown cork, the label shape will change.

The beer will be available in bottle and can of 0,5 liter. Price will correspond to the level of the premium segment.

It will be distributed at the territory for the Russian Federation. Bearing in mind stable level of demand and the brand history in the market, advertising support will be provided only in points of sale.

SABMiller RUS is a subsidiary of one of the world leading brewing companies SABMiller plc, with brewing interests in 60 countries on 6 continents. In Russia the company operates from 1998. The company's portfolio comprises of ten brands, among which are the well-known SABMiller international premium brands Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Miller Genuine Draft, Pilsner Urquell and Grolsch. Local brands include "Zolotaya Bochka", "Tri Bogatyrya", "Moya Kaluga" and premium licensed Redd's, Velkopopovicky Kozel and Holsten. According to ACNielsen data 2007 company volume share was 6%, value share was 10%. SABMiller RUS employs over 1,800 employees in Russia and has a production site in Kaluga. In June 2008 the company announced about the acquisition of Vladpivo and investing in Greenfield brewery construction in Ulyanovsk.

Amsterdam Navigator

The history of the Amsterdam brand dates back about 15 years ago. Holland as a country famous for brewing quality beers and the city being liberal and freedom provided rich territory for the emotional development of the brand. Amsterdam Navigator was especially developed for the Russian market in 1995. In Russian market brand exists from 1997. Local production started in 2004. Amsterdam Navigator - imported strong beer, brewed according to European tradition with natural strength of 8,2%.

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