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Kompania Piwowarska : New Vice-President for Human Resources appointed

30 January 2009

Wojciech Moliński is a new Vice-President for Human Resources of the Kompania Piwowarska [the Brewing Company] since November 2008. Ha has over ten years of experience as Head of Human Resources Management. In the years 2005-2008 he was a board member for human resources at Volkswagen Poznań, LLC. He graduated in psychology from the Catholic University of Lublin in 1992.

Wojciech Moliński talks about his first days with the Brewing Company:
I immediately liked the great dynamics within the Brewing Company. I think it is a fast-moving company. What also caught my attention were the informal style and the presence of many young extremely talented people. I think that Kompania Piwowarska is a wonderful company which has a chance to become the most prestigious employer within all of FMCG. We have all the necessary ingredients here but above all we do have fantastic people and great prospects, even when faced by the growing economic crisis.

In the process of building a perfect workplace, Moliński will concentrate, among others, on developing leadership abilities within the company, the skills of employees, the culture of work and perfecting the conditions at work. For him, an ideal employer is the one that allows for the growth of skills and personal development. Man has a feeling then that he is appreciated, he explains. A good employer also cares that the work allows for a good and dignified life, personal development, private life and caring for the whole family.

The new Vice-President spends his free time with the family and uses it to engage in his passion - medium distance running. He also enjoys bike riding and hiking. His another hobby is reading books. He lists Moby Dick and War and Peace among his favorites. His personal motto is: THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY.

Wojciech Moliński on himself:
I have great trust in people and in their ability to change. It doesn't matter into whom.

Last Friday, several employees of the Kompania Piwowarska, instead of showing up at work as usual, took on roles of amateur actors who on their own initiative staged their own play for the children of a Poznan kindergarten and a special school.

The Company employees, on their initiative and out of good heart, decided to stage a play for a group of children from befriended centers. They wrote the play themselves and titled it About a Princess that Never Laughed.
One of the actors, in reality the IT department head in the Company, Krzysztof Ptak, commented his engagement in the following way:
‘I like to work and play with these people. And I love when we do something good for others. I am quite sure that the children had a lot of fun."

Another volunteer, in reality a salesman of the Company, Maciej Demski, added:
"I often go back to my childhood memories. It was the most joyful period of my life. When thinking about children, I do care that they live through their young years in a fantastic way and remember that period with a smile on their faces. That is why I readily joined the initiative. What we are doing here is perhaps a small matter but I think for the children it is quite special and unique. A smile of a child is a sufficient reward for that work."
The rehearsals took place at the LECH visitor center in Poznan after work hours. The play was performed during work hours at the stage of Wielkopolska Zagroda in Poznan.

"I'm very happy to be working with people who wish to do something for others and the company that allows for such initiatives. They bring tremendous satisfaction but above all spread enthusiasm all around and promote the willingness to do something worthwhile in life that is beyond everyday duties," said Szymon Seroka from the IT Department right after the performance.

After the performance, the children received small gifts, soft drinks and sweets. The means for realizing the stage play were provided by the Kompania Piwowarska within the social campaign "Ekipa Świętego Mikołaja" [St. Nick's Crew] which supports organizations, foundations and institutions selected by the employees through personal involvement in the projects. "Ekipa Świętego Mikołaja" accepts submissions and helps finances them during the holidays but the projects can be realized throughout the whole year. The stage pay was made possible also through the help of other friendly companies: Wielkopolska Zagroda, Agencja Animade, Impact, Kormax-hol and PPH Hetman.

Excerpts from the play performed by the employees of the Kompania Piwowarska can be seen on YouTube:

Gifts distributed in Białystok
The good hearts of the employees of the Brewing Company also visited the orphanage in Białystok within the initiative of "St. Nick's Crew." In this case, they took on the appearance of 70 gift-boxes prepared and distributed by the employees.

"When we have brought the boxes to the orphanage, the director was extremely happy that this year her children would receive real presents," said Renata Kasperowicz, head of operational planning in the Białystok Brewery. She added, "It was so worth it! Apart from presents the kids received a smile and a moment of happiness..."

Computer specialists make sauerkraut
In addition, the employees of the Brewing Company, within an integrative filed trip, made a trip to Kashubia to the Osada Wspólnoty Burego Misia [The Village of the Brown Bear Community] at the end of last year. The Community groups disabled people and their friends. The IT Department decided to combine work with pleasure and help the Community with their work and assistance. They moved lots of soil in wheelbarrows, tied up grapevine, peeled apples and even made some 700 kilograms of treaded sauerkraut. And all of it just to see a smile on the faces of the inhabitants of the Village!

"The idea of making that trip was very good; it wasn't a simple excursion or a trip for pleasure but it was all about work for the foundation. I must add that it was really hard work and I barely managed to get out of bed the following day," reminisces with a smile Grzegorz Ostwald, one of the participants. And he adds, "We all worked together, so it was very nice. We also felt the appreciation of the people we worked for. We're already planning another trip like that for some 2-3 days."

They have renovated the Center in Tychy
The Distribution Department in Tychy also showed its initiative and understanding for the needs of others. One hundred and thirty employees decided to transfer their bonus for the sales of 15 mln hl of beer to the Center of Social Services in Tychy. Paweł Sudoł, President of the Brewing Company, was so endeared by the idea that he decided to double the amount donated by the employees with the moneys from the Company budget. In addition, in order to maximize the assistance for the Center, the employees decided to collect empty beer cans for two months and sell them, thus making more money for the charitable cause and at the same time help the environment. All the collected funds were used for the purchase of materials to renovate the apartments used by the charges of the Center. The actual renovation was done by the construction employees of the Brewing Company. Several apartments were renovated and equipped with furniture. The collected funds allowed, among others, for the purchase of room and kitchen furniture, gas stoves and a vacuum with a water filter for the apartment in which allergic children reside. Also bathrooms have been renovated.

"We have shown that group work, which gave us a lot of satisfaction, was also another chance for the integration of the team and brought the effects worthy of a highly qualified renovation crew," said Marek Urbańczyk, Coordinator for Administration and Control in the Company.
Kompania Piwowarska [the Brewing Company] - the leader of the brewing industry in Poland
Kompania Piwowarska is the biggest brewing enterprise in Poland. Several centuries of experience in the brewing industry, state-of-the-art technology and the rigorist observance of the norms of production categorized as World Class Manufacturing guarantee the highest quality of the product. The company offers the following brands: TYSKIE (the favourite beer of Poles), ŻUBR (number two in volume sold in Poland), LECH, Dębowe Mocne, Pilsner Urquell, Redd's, Miller Genuine Draft, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Wojak and Gingers. The Brewing Company was established in 1999 through a merger of Tyskie Browary Książęce [Tychy Duke's Brewery] and Lech Browary Wielkopolski [Lech Great Poland Brewery]. Browar Dojlidy [Dojlidy Brewery] in Białystok joined the Company in 2003 and the Brewery of Kielce in 2008. The volume of sales by the KP reached 14.5 million hectolitres of beer in the financial year concluded on March 31, 2008.

SABMiller - on the biggest world manufacturers of beer
Kompania Piwowarska is a part of one of the biggest manufacturers of beer in the world - SABMiller plc. The group is present in over 60 countries on six continents, and its portfolio includes over 150 well-known brands (among others, Pilsner Urquell, Grolsch, Miller Genuine Draft, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, and Castle Lager). SABMiller plc is among the biggest companies in the world (outside of the US) bottling the products of Coca-Cola. In the financial year of 2008, concluded on March 31, SABMiller registered gross receipts of 21.4 billion dollars and reached gross profits of 3.2 billion dollars. The sales of beer reached 239 million hl.

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