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Backus presents the new image of Viva Backus

8 December 2008

The modernization of Viva Backus includes new bottles, logo, label and cap.

Viva Backus is oriented to young people who want to have fun without complications, making their fun moments last longer.

Lima, December 4, 2008.- Viva Backus, brand of the soda line of Backus, has launched into the market its new image under a modern design and new presentations, which try to be aligned with the young consumers demands, the brand is focused on this target public.
Mario Gomi, Water and Sodas Director of Backus, pointed out that the purpose of the image change of Viva Backus is to give more popularity to the brand, as well as attract new consumers who are trying to find a new flavor, with no caffeine, less gas and less sweetness than other yellow sodas.

The development project for the new image was planned months ago. After many researches made by the brand among its target public, it was identified that the consumers demanded an image change. Thus, Viva Backus has launched into the market the new ergonomic bottles for the 500 ml and 2.0 L presentations with hand grips that help to hold the bottle properly, besides a new logo, a new metallic label and a personalized cap.
"Backus is in continuous innovation of its products, adapting them to the requirements and the necessities of its consumers. With this image change, we are successfully finishing with the soda portfolio modernization. Through these changes, we are looking to offer more modern and functional designs to the consumer, that fulfill and identify with their expectations," Gomi mentioned.

For further information, contact:
Cecilia Quevedo/ Dora Vallejos
Backus external Communications (311-3000)
Magalli Pacheco / Juan Carlos Llanos
LLORENTE & CUENCA (222-9491)

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