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President Alan Garcia emphasizes investment done by Backus

12 November 2008

Backus modernizes and extends its production capacity

- After 18 months of work and almost 52 million dollars Planta Ate's modernization and expansion came to an end.

- Manufacturing and bottling capacity expand 17% and 40% respectively.

- Investments are directed to Backus commitment to development and the environment.

Lima, November 10, 2008.- After 18 months of work and an investment of close to 52 million dollars, Backus inaugurated its new Planta Ate. The new plant will modernize and expand Backus manufacturing capacity as well as allow a proper management of its waste water.

The investments done in the bottling process will allow them to increase their capacity by 41%, thanks to the acquisition and installation of a bottling assembly line that will produce 1,500 bottles per minute. The new assembly line, acquired from a leading European machinery manufacturer, incorporates sophisticated systems of automation, control and inspection to the operation, according to Backus quality parameters.

As far as the manufacturing process goes, production capacity will increase 17% with the installation of eight tanks each with a capacity of 5,000 HL. These eight new German tanks are an addition to the 38 tanks of similar technology, which have been used in the maturing and fermentation process.
In addition, and in accordance to their commitment to development and the environment, Backus has installed a waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 8,500m3/day. Quality parameters obtained here not only exceed those established by the current legislation but will allow Backus to take advantage industrially of the bio-energy resulting from this process. It will also allow them to use the treated water in the irrigation of gardens and community parks.

Backus President, Robert Priday, stated: "Through these investments, both in the expansion of our manufacturing capacity as in the treatment of waste water, we are at the vanguard of technology in our country when it comes to preservation of our environment and natural nonrenewable resources".

National authority and business personalities attended the ceremony. The country's president, Mr. Alan Garcia Perez, also atended and aplauded the investments done by Backus in promoting development and care for the environment.

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