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The Drainage System in Piuray Will Be a Reality Thanks to Backus and BCP Credit Bank

13 November 2013

- The sanitation work will take place within the frame of the Public Works Tax Deduction Law

- Both firms will contribute with almost ten million soles. 

- More than 1000 families will improve their quality of life through the access to basic drain systems

- The construction will take eight months  

Cusco, November 6th, 2013.- Backus and BCP Credit Bank, in partnership with the Municipal Government of Chinchero, signed an agreement for the execution of the project “Installation of a sewage network and a wastewater treatment system in the communities of the micro-watershed of Piuray,” in Chinchero, within the frame of the Law N° 29230, “Law Encouraging Regional and Local Public Investment with participation of Private Sector,” a modality that allows private companies to execute public investment works on behalf of their taxes.

It is worth mentioning that the Piuray Lake, which has a perimeter of 28,710 feet, is the source that supplies water to more than 40% of the population in the city of Cusco, hence the importance of this sanitation project, which includes 7.5 miles of a sewage collection network, as well as a wastewater treatment plant, allowing more than 1000 families from the 11 communities located around the lake access to basic sanitation, reducing gastrointestinal, parasitic and skin diseases, which will impact their quality of life positively.

To carry out this project, with an expected duration of eight months, Backus and BCP Credit Bank will invest 9.9 million soles, and each firm will contribute 50% of the total project. It should be noted that this project did not previously exist in the project bank of the National System of Public Investment (SNIP), however, both companies commissioned the Pre-investment Profile and they presented it to the municipality of Chinchero with a request letter so the project can be evaluated, made viable and prioritised and executed through the modality of Public Works Tax Deduction. That is, this project not only includes the execution, but also the conception of the idea and the design of the work.

Juan Carlos Gómez, Mayor of the Chinchero district, said that “this work will have a positive impact in the Piuray area, as it will change the lives of 1000 families that will have access to basic sanitation services, allowing them to live with better health conditions.”

Broswi Galvez, Backus’ Regional Manager of Corporate Affairs, said “The investment made by Backus for this sanitation project in Piuray is about five million soles. We know that the Public Works Tax Deduction generates a shared value for everybody, for the State, for the private sector, but especially for the general public, because they can enjoy works of public interest in less time, with higher quality, and live in a society in which the private and the public sector join efforts to reach a common social goal”. 

Jorge Silva, BCP’s Manager of Government Relations said, “In BCP, we are convinced that the sustainable growth of our country and the improvement in the quality of life of the Peruvian people will be possible if we have the right infrastructures. We hope that this sewer and waste water treatment work in Piuray will be critical for the families that live in these communities, improving their health and wellbeing.”

It is worth mentioning that Backus led and executed the first infrastructure works in the country, within the frame of the Public Works Tax Deduction Law in the Ate district in Lima, where its production plant is located. Nowadays, Backus has been participating in the execution of the Chilina bridge, in partnership with Interbank and Southern, and the avenues Fernandini and Tahuaycani, in Sachaca, both works in Arequipa. Also, recently it was allotted the construction of the PNP Technical School in Trujillo, as part of the private partnership with BCP Credit Bank and the mining companies Barrick and Poderosa.

On the other hand, BCP has been collaborating with the Peruvian State since 2010 in order to decrease the infrastructure gap in the country. The works in Piuray represent the seventh Public Works Tax Deduction work of the BCP, which in the last three years have financed public infrastructure projects worth almost 170 million soles, benefiting more than 1.6 million people in Piura, Arequipa, Pasco, Junín and La Libertad.

The Law number 29230 was created to reduce the infrastructure gap in the country and to promote private investment, so the projects carried out under this investment plan allow a series of benefits, like improving the management and release of the administrative burden of local and regional governments, generating strategic alliances with these authorities and allowing private companies to decide where to invest their taxes, directly benefiting the community in which they operate.

About Backus:

Union of Peruvian Breweries and Johnston, is the brewing industry leader in Peru. It has five decentralised production plants in Lima (Ate), Arequipa, Cusco, Motupe and Pucallpa, it also has a malt factory and a mineral water plant. It has a well-segmented portfolio of national and international brands that wants to satisfy consumers in more than 180,000 selling points throughout the country.

Backus works with a focus in sustainable development, with the goal of generating shared value with the people that are part of its value chain and the communities in which it operates; that is why all its initiatives and projects want to generate social inclusion and strategic alliances to favour the efforts and achieve a greater impact in economic, social and environmental terms for the society as a whole.

About BCP:

BCP Credit Bank is the biggest institution of the Peruvian banking system, with a market share of 30% in credits in 2012. Also, BCP is a multiple bank with significant shareholdings in all kinds of credits: commercial, consumer and mortgage.

In relation to Credicorp, BCP is the principal subsidiary of the holding that concentrates most of the credits and total actives, as well as its net profits.

BCP has an important network of branches with more than 7,800 service points nationwide. In Cusco, it has nine agencies, 122 BCP agents and 50 ATMs. Nowadays, it has more than 4.5 million clients.

For more information, contact:
Cecilia Quevedo
Comunicaciones Externas Backus 3113000
César Ibargüen
222-9491 Anexo 266


This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. 

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on November 6th, 2013.


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