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Backus and Sinfonía for el Perú Present the New Workshop School of Lutherie

26 March 2013

- The goal of this project is to recuperate the Baroque and Mestizo artistic movements of the Peruvian mountains
- The workshop school is aimed at children and young people of the area and it will give them an occupational alternative being trained as artisans

Lima, March 2013.- Backus, Sinfonía por el Perú, directed by the tenor Juan Diego Florez, and the parishes of Andahuaylillas y Huaro, subscribed to an important agreement in order to create the “Workshop School of Lutherie in Andahuaylillas: String Instruments and Recuperation Model of Handmade Baroque Art,” which wants to recuperate the cultural heritage, tangible and intangible, to develop the local capacities and to contribute to the positioning of the Andean Baroque Route, promoted by the Society of Jesus.

In that respect, Felipe Cantuarias, Backus Vice President of Planning and Corporate Matters, pointed out: “The development of the Workshop School of Lutherie is another effort within the framework of Backus Sustainable Development. It wants to contribute to the different sectors of society to generate development and transformation, emphasising the promotion of technical and production capacities, business management and local development through the conservation of the cultural heritage.”

The project wants to offer the young people of Andahuaylillas, Huaro, and Urcos an occupational alternative in order to be trained as artisans, assimilating the classical knowledge and respecting the knowledge accumulated in its tradition. For that, a Workshop School of Lutherie will be implemented and developed in the curial house of the Huaro district, donated by the Society of Jesus. Lutherie is the art of the construction of musical instruments; the goal of this workshop school is to recuperate the Baroque and Mestizo artistic movements from the mountains of Peru and offer children and teenagers of the area an occupational alternative to be trained as artisans, teaching them about materials, tools and techniques used in the restoration process and construction of string instruments and giving them a space where values are taught. This way, it contributes to the local development of the Andean Baroque Route.

For his part, Juan Diego Florez, president of Sinfonía por el Perú, highlighted, “This is a sample of how music can become a source of integral training for children and young people. I am convinced that this joint operation will have important results in Andahuaylillas and it will transform the area into an important sustainable touristic hotspot.”

The Workshop School of Luthiers of Andahuaylillas will teach 30 children and teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 who have artistic talent. The project has a duration of 3 years, divided into 5 modules. The classes will be taught by the luthier Carlos Gorveña and an assistant selected among the artisans of the area. At the end of the course, each student will know how to build violins and guitars, and they will present their experience in Andahuaylillas, Cusco and Lima.

It is worth mentioning that Andahuaylillas, a town of colonial origin located 40 kilometres from Cusco, was an important centre of the elite of the region of Cusco at the time. Nowadays, it has approximately 4,000 people whose main activity is the agriculture. The beautiful landscape, its ancestral history, the architecture and the colonial ecclesiastical art, the identity of its people and the authenticity of its culture, make this valley a place with enormous touristic potential and a place that must be visited.

About Sinfonía por el Perú:

“Sinfonía por el Perú” is a social initiative of great magnitude, aimed at low-income children and young people. Through the power of music, it promotes education in values such as discipline, excellence and team work, in an environment of mystique and joy that ensures high motivation.

This goal is achieved through the development of the “System of Young and Children Orchestras of Peru” consisting of the creation of musical training hubs in different areas of Peru, which are connected and centralised, in order to ensure the same method and results.

About Backus:

Union of Peruvian Breweries and Johnston is the brewing industry leader in Peru. It has 5 decentralised production plants in Lima (Ate), Arequipa, Cusco, Motupe and Pucallpa. It also has a malt factory and a mineral water plant. It has a portfolio of national and international brands well segmented, that want to satisfy consumers in more than 180,000 selling points throughout the country. During 2012, Backus sold 11.943 millions of hectolitres of beer, which means an increment of 6.6% in comparison to last year. Also, the net sales of the company reached S/. 3,398.3 million, which is equivalent to an increase of 13.1% during the same period.

Backus works with a focus in sustainable development, with the goal of generating shared value with the people that are part of its value chain and the communities in which it operates. That is why all its initiatives and projects want to generate social inclusion and strategic alliances to favour the efforts and achieve a greater impact in economic, social and environmental terms for the society as a whole.

For more information, contact:
Cecilia Quevedo
Comunicaciones Externas Backus 3113000
César Ibargüen
222-9491 Anexo 266

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