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The History of Beer Through Embossed Bottles

21 November 2012

In the 1910s, this golden beverage was available only in monochrome embossed bottles. However, nowadays, the beer market offers, among others, packaging of different sizes and materials.

Hundred year-old beer bottles, beer labels from before the Second World War, numbered, limited edition beermats and unique German clay jugs were among the priceless beer trophies which were admired by enthusiastic collectors at the market of the festivities organised by the Hungarian Beer Trophy Collecting Club. Dreher Breweries is dedicated to keeping beer culture alive and hosted the event of the Club founded over 10 years ago for the third time. The common room of the building in Kőbánya became a real bazaar when beer aficionados started exchanging their goods. The collectors value mostly labels, caps and beermats, but unique hats, special bottle-openers and old beer-related postcards could also be found in the collections.

Dreher Breweries looks back to a 155 year-old history and is inherently connected to beer production and beer culture. The Dreher Beer Museum showcases many beer trophies, which is why the collectors meeting could not have been organised in a better location.

"The club's members can be described as true beer fans who are proactive and form a real community. There are not many occasions when we can all meet up and share old stories while we go treasure hunting for trophies from the past and today, which is why it is a great opportunity for us that Dreher Breweries offered to organise the event in its building,” said András Kovács, the president of the beer trophy collecting club.

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International background for Dreher Breweries Ltd. is provided by the second biggest beer producing enterprise in the world: the SABMiller group, which is present on 6 continents in over 75 countries. The group has defined 10 main development areas in order to contribute to sustainable development and Dreher Breweries has taken an active part in this initiative by creating and completing local programs. These 10 areas are: Fight against irresponsible alcohol consumption, environmental-friendly water management, reducing energy usage and carbon dioxide emission, recycling and re-using of packaging, responsible waste management, support of enterprise development in the chain of value, community engagement, support of anti-HIV/AIDS campaigns in the concerned areas, respect of human rights, transparent and ethical corporate practice.

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