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The Cervecería Hondureña Foundation and SERNA Honduras award the cash prize to the winners of the 14th National Environmental Award (Translation)

29 September 2011

The largest environmental prize in the country awards 365 000 lempiras.

The Cervecería Hondureña Foundation and the Ministry for Natural Resources and the Environment (SERNA), award the cash prize to the winners of the 14TH NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD. The award recognizes and encourages those who have made the most outstanding contributions to conservation, sustainable use of natural resources, protection and preservation of the environment, and education about the environment.

The prizes awarded totaled L 365,000.00, with five projects recognized in three categories, Individual, Community and Institution. The money will be invested into developing and strengthening the winning projects, by way of recognition and encouragement from the Cervecería Hondureña Foundation, with the support of the Ministry for Natural Resources (SERNA), as the country's lead agency on environmental policy.

In the Individual Category, the winner of ‘Version Works and Environmental Practices' is Project Techos Verdes presented by Angela Stassano. The project was awarded 60,000 lempiras, to be invested in the purchase of a Heliodon instrument, used to help understand insulation and exposure to the sun's energy that homes receive over the course of a day and year, based on their latitude.

In the Community Category, the only prize is awarded to the Hortihidro Conglomerate, who will use the 85,000 lempiras for intensive vegetable cultivation, using hydro power reduce impact on climate change.

In the Institution Category, NGOs, Public Sector and Business, the award is given to CHF International, giving them 110,000 lempiras to invest in their project Water Harvest, and more specifically to carry out the most urgent repairs on their dam, ensuring water storage during the winter. The project is situated at Valle, Honduras.

Also in the Institution Category, the ‘Cleaner Production in Micro and Small Businesses' Prize, presented by Tree House Hotel owned by the Ecotourism Society Flores of Honduras, wins 50,000 lempiras to invest in the purchase of air conditioning to save energy.

The prize for ‘Cleaner Production Award in Medium and Large Companies' in the Institution Category, goes to Three Valleys Sugar Company S.A. de C.V., who will use the 60,000 lempiras towards an environment education program for the protection and care of El Chile Biological Reserve.

The National Environmental Award, since it began 18 years ago, has promoted a multiplier effect on initiatives for the conservation and improvement of the environment country-wide, as well as awareness and participation amongst the population and institutions, in activities related to the protection, restoration and stewardship of the environment and natural resources.

The credibility and support associated with Honduras's largest environment award is one of its strengths. Applications are judged by a jury of professionals known for their moral standards, and with extensive experience and knowledge of environmental matters.

The testimonies of the prize winners are inspiring, and bear witness to a feeling of pride in the beneficial impact of this award on the Honduran community, and its importance and influence in creating conditions conducive to strengthening the strategies for environment management developed by the successful candidates.

The theme for this 14th National Environment Prize is Climate Change. The most recent official studies on the impacts of climate change in Honduras carried out by national and foreign experts expose a disturbing picture of the next 50 years in our country.

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