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AmsterdaMusic found the gems of Ukrainian indie music (Translation)

26 September 2011

On the 18th of September, the winners of the indie music contest AmsterdaMusic sponsored by the beer brand Amsterdam Mariner were awarded prize in Kiev art-club "44." Here is the list of winners: September27, Blooming Plum and MDMA.

The All-Ukrainian contest AmsterdaMusic was being held between July 12 and September 12 , 2011. During these 2 months, more than 500 indie performers entered the contest to perform in the three following genres: Indietronica, Indie Rock and Indie Pop. The contest was launched with the support of the beer brand Amsterdam Mariner that embodies its dedication to freedom, innovation and individuality which is also typical for indie musicians.

Ukrainian bands and performers with at least one original song were eligible for the contest. All contest songs were displayed at The three best performers were elected by open votes of the site visitors.

The winners of AmsterdaMusic contest are: Indietronica - September27; Indie Rock - Blooming Plum; Indie Pop - MDMA.

September27 was created in 2008 in Donetsk. That's what the band members say about their music: "Music is next to us and around us. It expresses our thoughts, associations, feelings and moods. It's history, continuation, waiting and premonition."

Blooming Plum was created in 2010 in Odessa. Their style varies from post-rock, pop rock and progressive rock to funk. This is what the musicians say about themselves and their plans: "Blooming Plum is an image with a purpose. We believe in power of an intention and want our music to be ‘blooming' for a long time to come."

MDMA was created in 2009 in Kharkiv and plays indie pop and alternative rock music. This is how MDMA describe their music: "How do we write our songs? We just know that even though every human is unique, emotions are global for everybody. Our lyrics come from the soul, our music comes from the heart. We feel, we write, we play and sing...and we hope you listen to us."

The winners of the contest received the prizes depending on their music genre. September27 (Indietronica category) were awarded studio monitors KRK Systems. Blooming Plum (Indie Rock) received a mnm guitar Fender Road Worn Player Stratocaster. MDMA (Indie Pop) was awarded a studio electrostatic microphone Shure KSM.

The final show was held after the awards ceremony. The contest winners virtually exploded the scene at "44" art-club with their colorful performances and demonstrated the power of Ukrainian non-commercial music.

"From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank the contest organizers for the final show at "44." All the musicians demonstrated how talented they are. It wasn't an Internet contest, it was a real event containing a lot of interesting and different music", said Dmitry Datskov from Blooming Plum. "We are grateful to the organizers for the wonderful opportunity that we and other participants of this contest were given. The contest was organized at a very high level and scale. This is as pleasant for us as the victory in this competition! We hope that the website for AmsterdaMusic will become the local resource for up-and-coming Ukrainian bands playing indie and other genres."

Dmitry Russanov, September27: "We are enormously grateful to everybody who was taking care of this project for the great quality of the contest and the prize that we need very much!"

Vladimir Tsupko, MDMA: "From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank the organizers of this contest for unforgettable memories of the final show and the club where we performed. The musicians were also treated at the best possible level. We are also grateful for the prize, this microphone blows my mind. Thank you for helping indie performers!"

The recording label Lavina Digital, the musical partner of the project, prepared a special surprise. Very soon the label will issue an album containing the songs of the winners and five other performers who got a major amount of votes from listeners.

And another pleasant surprise: the skills of Blooming Plum impressed the musical partner so much that the band was offered a contract by Lavina Digital.

You can find out more about AmsterdaMusic winners at the following links:
Blooming Plum:,

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