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Grolsch starts with Lowleaks and gives away the very last 200 Lowlands tickets (Translation)

25 July 2011

Royal Grolsch N.V. 
Enschede, June 20, 2011

Lowlands has never sold out faster than in 2011. Within two hours, all tickets were gone and many Lowlanders were disappointed. That's why beer brewer Grolsch has decided to throw all of its available tickets onto one pile in order to give another 200 people the chance to win "A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise." No tickets for the big shots, but only for real music lovers! On Saturday, June 27, Grolsch will start Grolsch Lowleaks, and via the website several assignments will be "leaked." Everyone who completes the assignment and gets the most votes on Facebook will win the much-desired admission tickets.

In the upcoming period, new Lowleaks will be leaked on a regular basis. These will vary from photo, video and text assignments to real-life assignments, for which one has to travel through the country. Trix van der Vleuten, responsible for Lowleaks at Grolsch, said, "With Lowleaks, we would like to offer all those who were not fortunate enough to obtain tickets another chance to travel to Biddinghuizen and to have a toast at Lowlands with a nice, cold clasp bottle in the Grolsch Clasp Bar. But people have to be willing to make an effort! Only those who are willing to give it their all and show us how badly they want to go to Lowlands will win a ticket."

First "leak" by Kluun
In the past days, the name Lowleaks has been buzzing around on the Internet. Kluun, who will be at Lowlands with his NightWriters, was the first one to mention Lowleaks. He was also the sender of the first assignment, in which Kluun asked people to let him know in one beautiful or hilarious tweet why they thought they had the right to win a ticket to Lowlands.

Kluun said, "Lowleaks is a great concept. Grolsch has put together all the tickets that they had, including tickets for their business contacts, to give the real festival fans a chance to go to Lowlands. The tweets that came in on my Lowleak prove how badly some people want to get tickets. The four best tweets have been awarded a ticket to Lowlands. I hope to see the winners at our NightWriters performance!"

Lowleaks starts on June 27th. Those who want to have a chance to win a ticket to Lowlands can register on the website.

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About Grolsch
Royal Grolsch N.V. is a company with a history that dates back to 1615. This makes Grolsch one of the oldest and most successful breweries in the Netherlands. Grolsch is active in the Dutch market as well as in a large number of international beverage markets. Grolsch holds a premium world position in which unique Grolsch values such as taste, top quality, tradition, aspiration, authenticity, uniqueness and shared enjoyment are central themes. Since 2004, Grolsch has been based at a modern brewery complex in Enschede. Since February 12, 2008, Grolsch has been a subsidiary of SABMiller plc.

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