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The third season of the cycling school with Birell is filled with biker celebrities (Translation)

3 June 2011

Prague, June 2, 2011 - Starting in June, Birell makes all fans of cycling happy who are looking for interesting tips and tricks for their training. It is launching its third season of the popular cycling series, which features our most skilled bikers. A total of ten thematic episodes were produced so that both beginners and experienced riders will find something to enjoy. The brand new section is filled with tips about healthy nutrition and a profile of a technical ride.

Based on research, every fourth Czech rides a bike. Therefore not only those who want to take part in the amateur competition but also complete beginners will appreciate its simple and semi-amateur tips which discuss, for example, techniques and styles of riding, adjusting to a terrain or selecting the right tyre. But where can one get this information? Good advice can be given by a coach or found as a result of Internet research. Why should you spend hours with a coach or surf the Internet, when starting on June 6th all you need will be available in new episodes from the Birell cycling school at

This year, Martin Horák, winner of the Czech marathon and a frequent participant in international cycling competitions, will be the guide on this new series of educational videos about cycling. Other episodes will feature brothers Petr and Tomáš Sulzbacher and Marek Rauchfuss. This year's series will also include Dr. Karel Martínek, who has been providing medical services to our professional cyclists. He will explain information about subjects such as proper nutrition during training. The third series also shows the process of choosing the right bike and accessories, as well as riding techniques for curves, in fast declines or on steep inclines. A true bonus is waiting for all fans of cycling in the episode with the  appropriate name "Flying Higher," which ends this year's series. "When I started with professional cycling, I was fortunate to consult with our best experts. That is why I am thrilled that I can pass on my knowledge to you all who enjoy riding, even only as a recreational sport," said Martin Horák.

Even though the main season is in full swing, you can still fully prepare for a nice summer ride - the cycling school offers a ten-week guide to prepare you just in time. "Our fans wrote to us about new episodes, in which they would like to have well-known cyclists explain to them, plainly, in the form of advice, how to bike correctly. In the third season, we got our viewers directly involved and gave them an opportunity to tell us what would interest them. The new cycling school is actually a result of this cooperation," said Martina Kuncová, Brand Manager of the Birell brand.

And what exactly can you look forward to with the new cycling school?
- Basic selection of a bike and its components
- 26 or 29 inches?
- Spring loading
- Basics of a bike ride
- Riding on wet surfaces, in mud, on sand
- Balance and falling
- Curves
- Riding uphill
- Riding downhill
- Flying higher

Birell wishes you fun while enjoying the series and a summer full of cycling memories!

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This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.
Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [02/06/2011].

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