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366 Teachers Trained in the Country

3 May 2011

Via the Backus Virtual School

- Teachers from Lima, Trujillo, Puno, Ica, Arequipa, Piura, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Huancayo, Tarma and La Oroya participated.
- Subjects included: reading and writing, promoting good health at school, the use of information technology and teachers as promoters of healthy lifestyles.
- The Virtual School continues to boost teachers' abilities and knowledge.

Lima, April 29, 2011 - The Backus Virtual School issued certificates of participation to 366 teachers from various Peruvian cities who participated in four virtual training courses during the second semester of 2010.

One of the subjects within this educational programme was "Teaching Reading and Writing." In the course, teachers perfected their strategies and teaching techniques to improve children's learning.

Likewise, through courses like "Promoting Health at School" and "Teachers as Promoters of Healthy Lifestyles," the theme of health was addressed, transmitting knowledge and providing tools in the area of health to promote prevention programmes and healthy lifestyles in communities.

The course "Use of Information Technology" was given, which complemented this comprehensive training for the development and application of fundamental educational innovations in the use of technology.

It bears mentioning that one of the goals of the Backus Virtual School is to orient teachers toward encouraging educational themes related to healthy lifestyles among their students. This allows "healthy decisions" to be made from a young age, a worldwide tendency seen in many countries, particularly developed ones. Moreover, the World Health Organization backs these kinds of initiatives while affirming that optimal conditions should be created so that these key messages in educational material can be given in an efficient manner.

About the Backus Virtual School
The Backus Virtual School, created in 2007, is an educational program that produces, gathers and offers digital educational resources, virtual training, educational news, professional guidance and interchange spaces for the educational community. Its objective is to contribute to the improvement of Peruvian educational quality by helping teachers develop new skills and by providing educational resources.

For more information, please contact:
Cecilia Quevedo
UCP Backus y Johnston - 311 3000 - 3119
Yohana Medina / Lorena Oviedo
222 9491

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on April 29, 2011.


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