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Best toasts to football clubs in the east of the Netherlands printed on Grolsch club glasses (Translation)

9 November 2010

Royal Grolsch N.V. PRESS RELEASE
Enschede, November 1st, 2010

Grolsch celebrates uniqueness of FC Twente, Heracles Almelo, De Graafschap and Go Ahead Eagles with 12 special glasses

In September, Grolsch went in search of the best and most special toasts to the football clubs in the east of the Netherlands. The winning toast for each club has been announced and immortalized on the club glasses of FC Twente, Heracles Almelo, De Graafschap and Go Ahead Eagles. The authors of the winning toasts have been presented with the first sets of their club glasses by the coaches, players and even mascots of their clubs. The 12 glasses have a completely new design and are unique collectibles for lovers of football and quality beer alike. The club glasses will be available during three different promotion weeks with the purchase of a crate of Grolsch or two multipacks of cans at supermarkets in the east of the Netherlands. Starting today, the first set of glasses can be found in supermarkets. The other two promotion weeks will take place during the week of November 29th, 2010 and January 10th, 2011.

A tribute to football clubs in the east of the Netherlands
The club glasses promotion was initiated by Grolsch to celebrate the unique character of football clubs in the east of the Netherlands. The key question that people were asked to answer was, "What makes your club ‘your club'?" The winning toasts have been selected by Grolsch in cooperation with the football clubs and have been printed onto 12 special glasses. The presentation of the glasses took place over the past few days at the training complexes of FC Twente and De Graafschap, at the Polman Stadium (home of Heracles Almelo) and at De Adelaarshorst Stadium of Go Ahead Eagles.

FC Twente
Since November 1st, 2008, FC Twente has not lost one competitive game in its stadium, De Grolsch Veste. The first club glass of FC Twente sports this suitable toast: "To the unassailable Grolsch Veste!" Striker Marc Janko, midfielder Arnold Bruggink, goalkeeper Nikolay Mihaylov and forward Nacer Chadli presented the other winners with club glasses printed with their own winning messages: "To being proud to support Twente!" and "To the national champions of 2010!"

The trainer of Heracles, Peter Bosz, presented the three lucky winners with their unique club glasses in the Polman Stadium in Almelo. The unique toasts selected by Grolsch and Heracles are "To more than a century of black and white history from Almelo!", "To my club, my city, my pride, my beer!" and "To a new stadium!"

De Graafschap
Captain and top defender of De Graafschap, Muslu Nalbantoglu, and trainer Darije Kalezic interrupted their training to present glasses to the authors of the winning toasts to De Graafschap. The Grolsch club glasses of De Graafschap were adorned with the toasts "To we will always come back," "To Super Farmers, go!" and "To once a Super Farmer, always a Super Farmer!"

Go Ahead Eagles
These winning toasts will be immortalized on the club glasses of Go Ahead Eagles: "To spread your wings and fly!", "To spirit and character!" and "To proud to be an eagle!" Of course the beloved mascot, Harley, the eagle that flies a couple of laps through the Adelaarshorst before every game, had to also be part of this special event. Under the watchful eye of Harley, the winners received glasses with the special text in the centre.

Toasts to amateur clubs
In addition to the promotion with the professional football clubs, fans were asked to make a special toast to one of 50 select amateur football clubs in the region in October. Grolsch and the amateur clubs will choose the best three toasts per club. Along with the club logo, these will be printed on the special Grolsch glass. Clubs will be allowed to sell the complete sets of three glasses for € 7,50 starting in January. The proceeds from the glasses can be used to decorate the clubhouses. In 2011 and 2012, the promotion will begin for the 100 other regional amateur football clubs that serve Grolsch.

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