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Grolsch’s Eigen.Zinnig magazine in stores today (Translation)

27 July 2010

Enschede, July 22, 2010

Grolsch's Eigen.Zinnig magazine in stores todayNew magazine with special split-cover featuring Tygo Gernandt and Miss Montreal available at over 3,500 sales points

Today there will be a new magazine in stores. Eigen.Zinnig magazine is a one time publication of Grolsch in cooperation with G+J Publishers. The non-branded magazine brings an ode to uniqueness in the Netherlands - of famous and not so famous Dutch people, special deeds and authentic things. On the eye-catching cover of the magazine is actor Tygo Gernandt and singer Sanne Hans - also known as Miss Montreal - both of whom present the uniqueness of the Netherlands. Their faces have been merged into one face. By opening the cover, you can complete the face of Sanne or Tygo. The magazine will be available starting July 22nd at more than 3,500 sales points across The Netherlands.

Famous guest editors

Grolsch wanted to use the magazine to offer a platform to the uniqueness that is inside every Dutch person and to cherish it, as well as inspire them to show it more often. Eigen.Zinnig magazine is divided into five sections: Music, Culture, Enterprise, Character and Culinary. Every section is introduced by Dutch people who do their own thing, with their own view of the world and their trade. In each section the central theme is uniqueness and authenticity. Although the sections are introduced by Dutch celebrities, the magazine also highlights many people that are lesser known. After all, everybody is unique!

The music section is introduced by Sanne Hans (Miss Montreal). Among other things, it discusses the festival season. The programme directors of Lowlands, Appelpop, Incubate, North Sea Jazz and Zwarte Cross give us their vision for their festivals; the men of Moke are followed during their tour with Paul Weller; and it discusses Dutch artists who do their own thing. Joost Zwagerman is connected to the culture section. In the introduction of his section, he tells us about the ‘Zwagergids' that he made in his teens and how unique his mom thought that was. This section also includes the ‘ultimate Dutch city' according to architect and designer Ronald Hooft; the story of ‘Maria,' who copies master pieces by Monet and Picasso in Barcelona; and it zooms in on Rotterdam, the tough city.

Rick Engelkes writes about enterprise. It contains an intriguing story about father and son Aberson, who produce very clean and inexpensive fuel. But everybody tries to thwart their plans. From Friesland they take on the powers that be. Eric Smit creates an interesting reconstruction of how Victor Muller bought Saab. And the people behind G-Star talk about the development of yet another Dutch jeans brand that became a world player.

Tygo Gernandt symbolizes the character section. In his section he talks about women he finds inspiring and unique - his muses. Three women, drawn by three women. Sophie van der Stap, known as the writer of the book ‘Het meisje met de negen pruiken', writes a humorous article titled ‘Testosteron zonder hanengedrag'. Rick de Leeuw, writer, poet, host and ex-frontman of the Tröckener Kecks, writes a poetic plea on the question of how to compose a list of the 50 most unique Dutch people.

The final section is that of top chef Sergio Herman: culinary. Example stories from this section are an article about the love-hate relationship between chef cooks and culinary critics, beautiful photos of the most upcoming ingredients - with recipes, and the new trend: Picknick 2010, or ParkFood!

A toast to uniqueness in the Netherlands

The launch of Eigen.Zinnig magazine is the kick-off of a new branding campaign by Grolsch, in which it toasts the uniqueness of the Netherlands. The central theme of this campaign is that this uniqueness can be found everywhere and in everyone. A new commercial, prints, a new website and activities at festivals, in big cities and at soccer clubs, are all part of the new campaign.

Starting from July 22nd, Eigen.Zinnig magazine will be available at more than 3,500 sales points across the Netherlands. The magazine contains 148 pages and there will be 50,000 prints made. The sales price is 4.95 euro.

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