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Installing breathalyzer in cell phone while shopping in TESCO (Translation)

12 July 2010

Impossible? Not quite. And completely free. Thanks to the cooperation of Brewer's Campaign and TESLO, now everybody who visits TESCO on Towarowa 2 Street in Tychy on Saturday, will be able to download an application on his or her cell phone that can estimate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). It is part of a joint campaign by both companies to promote responsible attitudes towards alcohol consumption.


How does it work?
It's very simple. While you shop during the weekend in TESCO, a promotional team will help you install the breathalyzer on your cell phone. Just turn on Bluetooth and the Blood Alcohol Content application will be automatically downloaded for free onto your cell phone. Furthermore, everyone who installs the breathalyzer on his or her cell phone will be able to calculate BAC for himself or herself and their friends.

View the report from the action in TESCO Warsaw!

Click here to view the high quality video:

Where did the idea come from?
From the beginning of its existence Brewer's Campaign has been promoting responsible alcohol consumption, and for many years it has been influencing change in the structure of alcohol consumption in our country by organizing social events.
"We see many negative effects of alcohol abuse, and they are confirmed by statistics. Therefore, we are trying to educate, because we believe that is the way to improve driving safety," emphasizes Paweł Kwiatkowski, Brewer's Campaign corporate director.

The main target of these actions is to limit the number of drunk drivers on Polish roads by allowing the control of sobriety and improving the consumer's awareness about the influence of alcohol on the human body.

"Cooperation with TESCO is very important for us, and we are happy that, together with our trading partner, we can organize social action," adds Paweł Kwiatkowski.
Also, for TESCO, cooperation with business partners in organizing social action is a very important part of how the company operates.
"We are a responsible company and that is how we want to do our business. We are happy to engage in education about responsible alcohol consumption. We know that with actions like these, we can help our customers," said Beata Rożek, social responsibility manager of TESCO Poland.

Additional application features
Besides the possibility to check the BAC, the application contains a base of over 300 taxi companies in Poland. Also, it contains information about the allowed BAC in different European countries, which will help people who travel around Europe to check the regulations in a specific country. For those who want to check their reflexes, there is a cap game, which is an integral part of the application.

Where and when?
Anyone interested is welcome to TESCO at Towarowa 2 Street in Tychy, on Saturday, July 10, from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM. In addition to downloading the breathalyzer onto your cell phone, there is also a chance to participate in interesting contests that will give participants an opportunity to try on "alcogoggles" to experience how reality changes after alcohol consumption.

If for any reason anyone is not be able to come that day to TESCO, there is still a chance to get the application. Just read the photocode on or send the text PROMILE to 70958 (cost 50 gr. plus tax/61 gr. with tax). On the campaign website one can also find out about the event "Check your BAC" in TESCO and a lot of interesting information about the influence of alcohol on the human body.

Similar action already has already taken place at TESCO in Poznan and Warsaw, and it has been very popular among the stores' customers.

Those who cannot get to Tychy will have a last chance to get the application to his or her cell phone on July 17 in Krakau on Kapelanka 54 Street.

Everybody's welcome!

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