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ŠtamGasts (regulars) loyal to Gambrinus from Eastern Czech Republic met at the Gambrinus brewery. Among them is also the three thousandth regular, ŠtamGast (Translation)

25 June 2010

Plzeň, June 24, 2010 - The three thousandth participant of the Gambrinus ŠtamGast program stepped through the gates of the Gambrinus brewery. Since last June, the brewery has been rewarding its loyal fans, allowing them to look behind the scenes of Gambrinus beer at the Gambrinus Visitors' Center. The three thousandth participant was Jiří Jedlička, a regular at the Na pětce restaurant in Vamberk. He is the only regular who always had and always has his seat reserved at the Na Pětce restaurant. Together with him, another 42 lovers of Gambrinus from Eastern Czech Republic were selected into the program - 7 pub owners and 5 of their loyal regulars. Thanks to this program, more than 3000 loyal ŠtamGasts have had the chance to see Gambrinus' secret process, from selection of ingredients to production and service. Due to incredible interest in the StamGast program, representatives from Gambrinus were persuaded to expand it beyond the Plzeň region, which it was originally meant for. Regulars from the whole country can now see into the "kitchen" where Gambrinus beer is made and spend a fun afternoon with their favorite brand. 

Two to three times a week, the Gambrinus ŠtamGast program welcomes a group of five pub owners and their five most loyal regulars. Together they visit the Gambrinus brewery and taste unfiltered beer directly from CK tanks. Regulars have the opportunity to meet the brewers, to get to know the production process, they can serve their own beer and also enjoy the feeling that their loyalty is appreciated.

"I really had fun during the ŠtamGast program, together with my friends from our pub in Vamberk. I am glad that I was able to see behind the scenes of Gambrinus and that I was able to taste unfiltered beer directly from the source. I am also going to use the serving tips I got," says Jiří Jedlička, three thousandth participant of the ŠtamGast program, from Na pětce restaurant in Vamberk.   

Rostislav Šponar, pub owner of the Na pětce restaurant adds: "To be a regular doesn't mean that you always sit at the pub and drink liters of beer. A true regular can savor his brand, he likes to find out more about it and can create the right atmosphere with friends when in the pub."

"Regulars are true lovers of Gambrinus, our consumers and regulars in their favorite pubs, we would like to thank them this way for their patronage. We chose an untraditional form and it was very successful and we hope that it will please a lot more ŠtamGasts from around the country," stated Jan Hlaváček, senior brewer from the Gambrinus brewery.

Vladimír Jurina
PR Brand Manager
Ph. no. : 724 617 886

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Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [24/06/2010].


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