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Club Colombia obtains its second Gold Medal in the Monde Selection and a consumer will able to receive it in Germany (Translation)

11 May 2010

Bogotá, May 6th, 2010.  Club Colombia, the leading premium brand on the market, has once again been acknowledged with the Gold Medal of Belgium's Monde Selection, the most important food and beverage certification institution in the world.

According to the president of the jury in the beers and beverages category of the Monde Selection, Mrs. Claudine Liétar, Club Colombia earned this award "due to its good balance and flavour, its good foam stability, its pure aroma with a good hop smell and good bitterness, and its    rich character and full body".

The award is the second acknowledgement of the brand since its re-launch and it fully recognizes the consistency of its quality, in an international scenario in which the most prestigious beers of the world compete. Club Colombia is made with the finest ingredients, including Cristal variety malt, to obtain a deeper and more accentuated flavour, as well as hops of the Saaz variety to achieve a more defined aroma. It is also matured longer for a smoother and more refined finish. All of this makes for a product with spectacular aroma, rich and creamy foam, a deeper golden colour and a smoother, more delicate taste, which has made Club Colombia an undisputable showcase of Colombian brewing mastery and quality.

The brand had already achieved this award in the Monde Selection edition of 2008, which was presented in Vienna, Austria. This year's award will be delivered on the coming 31st of May in the German town of Wiesbaden.

Carlos Alzate, director of Bavaria's local premium brands, said of this important award: "With this second decoration for Club Colombia we go on fulfilling our goal of giving the brand international recognition and prestige and place it on the same level with the best beers in the world. We know that we owe this in big part to all of our consumers, who have always demanded a beer of the highest quality. This is why we have decided to take one of the lovers of Club Colombia with us in order to receive this new award, which is so important to us, on behalf of Bavaria and all of Colombia".

A lover of Club Colombia will receive the award on behalf of Bavaria
Hoping for the distinction to be received by someone who really deserves it, that is, a consumer of Club Colombia, the brand will hold a contest next week, through an acknowledged national radio station, in which the lovers of the brand will be able to participate for a single trip to Wiesbaden, in western Germany, where the award ceremony of this edition of the Monde Selection will take place. There the winner will be able to attend the gala dinner in the Kurhaus Palace on Sunday May 30 and the official awards ceremony where Club Colombia will receive the Gold Medal on Monday May 31st, in the same place. In both events, this winner will act as ambassador of Club Colombia before the world and will receive the award on its behalf, while he or she mingles with the elite of the food and beverages industry on six continents.

The medal will be brought to Colombia by the winner and exhibited in the "Experiencia Club Colombia" (Club Colombia Experience), a magical space where consumers will be witnesses to the history of one of the most acknowledged brands in the country. The "Experiencia Club Colombia" will be open to the public on June 3rd and will be located on the parking lot of the Éxito shop of the Calle 80 in Bogotá, and then will tour across the main cities of the country.

Bavaria S. A. is the largest beverage company of Colombia. Its brands Águila, Águila Light, Club Colombia, Cola & Pola, Costeña, Costeñita, Peroni, Pilsen, Póker, Redd's and Pony Malta are leaders in their respective beverage categories in Colombia.

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This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accu-rate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. 
Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [06/05/2010].


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