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SOCCER FOR ALL: Sports and healthy coexistence "An answer to low-income communities”

7 May 2010

SOCCER FOR ALL is a Pilsener's project started in March 2010. It aims to help the neediest communities by creating sports spaces that will cultivate coexistence and respect values among the beneficiary families.

San Salvador, May 6th, 2010. After a seven-week process of construction and organization, PILSENER and its SOCCER FOR ALL program have given the community of Las Palmas a renovated "Las Palmas Pilsener Soccer Field." The space will be used to carry out sporting activities, promoting values and holding activities that strengthen family ties. This will benefit more than 6,300 Las Palmas residents.

The "Soccer for all" program sponsored by Pilsener, Industrias La Constancia (ILC) iconic beer brand, is a social program committed to the development of low-income communities in the metropolitan area of San Salvador.

World-class materials were used and international standards for this type of space were followed in the construction of this soccer field, which will not only be used for playing soccer. With the support of Pilsener and the Mayor of San Salvador, the community has organized itself to identify other activities that will benefit children, youth, women and men in Las Palmas.

"Completing this soccer filed in Las Palmas, represents Pilsener's SOCCER FOR ALL first step. This program is a long term project that aims to work directly with the most deprived communities and their respective mayors, rebuilding spaces to promote soccer, but also improving the interaction between families and the community residents," said Estela Castillo, La Constantia Industries (ILC) Pilsener Manager.

The Project PILSENER SOCCER FOR ALL is quite comprehensive because it does not only represent the reconstruction of sports spaces, but it involves a broad and concrete exercise so that together, businesses, communities and local governments work towards the same goal, to promote peaceful coexistence in communities.

Through its Pilsener brand, ILC, the community and the mayor of San Salvador, joined their knowledge and efforts to make this space a place where families learn and strengthen values such as respect, peaceful coexistence and responsibility.

"The soccer field was not only rebuilt, but we have participated in meetings with members of the community and the city of San Salvador in order to define the various uses, schedules and activities this new space will offer to Las Palmas people. We are truly excited about the level of commitment and dedication Las Palmas community members have shown to get the best out of this project so that the community enjoys a better quality of life," added Aldo Vallejo, ILC Corporate Affairs Director.

Norberto Huezo, Industrias La Constantia Advisor, noted that "Las Palmas community was selected due to the high level of integration that the community's committee, the sports committee and the "Seeds of love" association showed. We have shared with the community and San Salvador's mayor and we are convinced that this space will help to improve life in Las Palmas."
Members of the community's board of directors and the "Seeds of love" association, who work together towards Las Palmas development, have done so wholeheartedly in order to find the field's best uses. They have held meetings to discuss schedules, maintenance and other uses, apart from soccer.

"The soccer field construction as well as the process to organize the community for the use of the space has been an interesting understanding exercise towards the benefits of the majority in Las Palmas. We are very happy because we have received support and advice from the mayor's office and Industrias La Constancia representatives," said Mauricio Castro, "Seeds of love" Association Director. This association is formed by Las Palmas inhabitants.

 "We have defined issues such as schedules, uses and charges for the new space. We are grateful and committed to keeping this area because we know all the benefits it will bring to the families of the community," said Juan Ángel Flores, Las Palmas Community Board President.

PILSENER SOCCER FOR ALL is a long term project which, in its first phase in 2010, will rebuild five soccer fields in different communities of the greater San Salvador area. Through its Pilsener brand, Industrias La Constancia designed this project for the welfare of the communities. To accomplish this, it works hand in hand with Norberto Huezo, a former national soccer player and the project's consultant. He has wide experience as a member of the National Security Council and supports SOCCER FOL ALL efforts as a way of showing his commitment to improving the interaction between the communities and their residents.

"Pilsener's SOCCER FOR ALL will allow us to combine the efforts of a lot of people in order to bring welfare to important segments of the Salvadoran society. We are committed to extending this project," stated Aldo Vallejo, ILC Corporate Relations Director.

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Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [06/05/2010].

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