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China Resource’s Snow Breweries (China) Co: Global bestseller Snow Beer is again appointed as the official beer for the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (Translation)

12 March 2010

Production Sales Volume - Ranked number one nationally for five years
Impressive high-end branding

As the national production and sales champion for five years, and with its 15.743 billion RMB brand value, Snow Beer, made by China Resources Snow Breweries, is again brought to the high-end conference's dining table, and is again appointed as the official beer for the Third Session of the Eleventh CPPCC.
A staff reporter noted that with its distinguished, elegant packaging and delightfully satisfactory taste, Snow Beer has won praise by the committee members of the CPPCC.
At the same time, many other provinces have also appointed Snow Beer as the official beer for their National People's Congress (NPC) and CPPCC sessions.
Snow Beer: Behind its victory over other international brands stands world-class quality.
 Snow Beer did not gain its popularity from CPPCC by accident.
 Snow Beer has definitely gained much credit by being the champion of production and sales for 5 years, and has thus won the trust of the CPPCC committee members as well as the deputies of the NPC. In addition, within less than only 20 years, Snow Beer has beaten internationally renowned brands to become the world's number one selling single brand. Snow Beer has become the pride of Chinese brands, and high-end conferences that gather China's elites will surely name Snow Beer as their first choice.
Since the beginning of 2009, according to preliminary statistical data from the research firm Plato Logic, Snow Beer has outsold Bud Light, Heineken, Corona and other international brands, crowning itself as the new global sales king. Snow Beer is also the only Chinese beer whose sales record reached the global top six. Afterwards, triggered by these statistics, Reference News and many other newspapers and magazines published related reports on Snow Beer.
Then Snow Beer was put on the dining tables of CPPCC, proving that the great achievements and strengths that China Resources Snow Breweries obtained from its enduring business development model and brand growth earned the approval of discerning individuals.
How did Snow Beer gain the accolade that makes its own people so proud?
Some say the reason the Snow Beer brand grew so quickly and robustly is due to its powerful capital strength. In fact, most customers would agree that any organization, even with such an outstanding developmental and enclosure layout strategy, would be "putting the cart before the horse" if its product were not met with approval by the consumers and the market. Therefore, the real reason that Snow Beer could grow so quickly into its current status, become an international sales champion, and even alter the pattern of China's brewing industry - creating a uni-multipolar setting - is due to the high quality of its customer-recognized and beloved product.
 China Resource's Snow Breweries (China) Co., Ltd utilized technical personnel from the world's second-largest brewing group SABMiller, and dozens of other top beer brewing experts from China as well as abroad, to form its committee of beer brewing experts.
After three years of hard work, China Resources committee members set unified technical and technological implementation standards for product series to be produced at different plants.
It was precisely such a stringent process system that forged Snow Beer's legend of quality, so that along with its excellent business development and market expansion strategy, it swept the country's marketplace.

Snow Beer: CPPCC committee member approved high-end brand
"If you come to high-end consumer sites in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, you will see Snow Beer listed among the big national and international brands. This is, of course, due to Snow Beer's high-end brand image. What's more worthy of mention is that the high-end brand image of Snow Beer does not come from artificially designated high prices or vigorous advertising, but from Snow Beer's story and its connotations.
 Looking at all these world class brands, you will find that in fact, there's a moving story behind each well-known brand. Many consumers are first attracted by the story behind, rather than the beer's actual taste, when selecting beers." (Above was the incisive and unique diagnostic view on the Chinese Beer Industry by the president of the U.S. Kotler Marketing Group, Milton Kotler, when he signed the memorandum of cooperation with China Resources Snow Breweries in January of 2004.)
      Thus, Snow Beer has designed, executed and upheld the brand promotion campaign called "Snow Beer, Globe Trekker"- a campaign with the most personality differentiation and the best demonstration of unique brand spirit, as well as the longest endurance in the fast-paced Chinese consumer goods industry. Until 2009, this campaign was successfully utilized five times. It has explored the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon and the source of the Yangtze River, made expeditions to the national borders, to places very wet and very dry, and has also challenged the world's most perilous alp, the Vertical Limit K2.
     Due to the success of brand promotion campaigns that focus on marketing through outdoor exploration activities, Snow Beer has not only formed an impression of its own distinct and consistent brewing system, but has also differentiated itself from other corporations and brands, which helped to enrich its brand connotation and highlight its personality. Snow Beer has become the nation's first brand with a story and its own unique connotations, and has become a brand which one experiences and tastes with one's heart.
    "Snow Beer, Globe Trekker" has indisputably become a brand promotion campaign with the most original spirit and temperament, the longest duration and the most complex organization in China.
  In recent years, with its refreshing packaging and taste and unique advertising campaign, Snow Beer has quickly stood out in the mid-range beer market and has made its name as a star product. Both products, Snow Gold Label Beer and Snow Crystal Statue Beer (part of the Snow Beer nationwide promotional campaign since 2009) have gained discerning individuals' and consumer opinion leaders' approval, thanks to their impressive packaging, authentic taste, inventive ways of advertising and unique application of media platforms. Snow Beer undoubtedly has the potential to become China's best commercial beer.
 Snow Beer: China's best commercial beer found its fame at high-end conferences
What has been brought to the CPPCC's dining tables this year has been called China's best commercial beer, specifically named as Snow Gold Label Beer - a product that is highly regarded by a broad range of high-end consumers.
 A staff reporter learned that this product is very eye-catching at the CPPCC dining table.
 The label of Snow Gold Label Beer utilizes a golden color which has not been adapted by most other beer brands. An ancient jade-green Chinese seal is included on the gold background, which makes every bottle of Snow Gold Label Beer a noble gold-and-jade inlaid and engraved vision. Together with its unique, crystal clear bottle and the amber-colored liquid inside, Snow Gold Label Beer has become a royal-looking and extravagant art piece on every dining table. Many feel that drinking Snow Gold Label Beer makes the entire table shiny and brilliant; both the hosts and the guests are invariably cheered up.
It was not until March, 2009 that Snow Beer was officially promoted within the entire country. In only less than a year, it has had incredible growth rates. Its share in high-end restaurants, its overall sales, its profit contribution rate and its total profits all exceed most beer companies by far. Snow Gold Label Beer has become one of the essential beverages for any business or high-end conference.

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. 
Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [12/03/2010].


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