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Industrias La Constancia supports San Salvador City Hall in the restoration project of the historical street called “Avenida Independencia” (Translation)

5 March 2010

San Salvador - Tuesday March 2, 2010.  As part of its Sustainable Development policy, Industrias La Constancia (ILC) announced its participation in the restoration project of the popularly known "Avenida Independencia" in San Salvador. Avenida Independencia is one of the city's major public roads and runs close to the brewery.

Avenida Independencia was built in commemoration of beginning of the 20th century. During its history it was considered a place where residents could come and relax. Streetcars pulled by mules and then electric streetcars operated here for a long time, and for some years, it was the meeting place for families of that time. It was also an attraction for visitors from the neighbouring country of Guatemala arriving to the West train terminal.

La Constancia, now part of the ILC, began its operations in San Salvador in 1928 and it has been the main industry located in its surroundings since then. Its decline began in the sixties due to the development of new far away areas, the opening of multiple business and increased car traffic.

ILC is sponsoring the initial phase of this project in support of the San Salvador City Hall. The objective is to promote social, economic and urban rehabilitation in Avenida Independencia and surrounding areas, so people can progressively strengthen their economic activities in the midst of a secure environment and make the area a strong tourist attraction.

As part of the restoration project, the artery will be known as "Paseo Independencia", which will be reforested, illuminated and aesthetically and urbanely revamped.

"The commitment ILC has acquired as a company goes beyond the contribution we have injected to the dynamism of the Salvadoran economy by producing, creating jobs and fulfilling tax commitments. Our commitment is also to be a driven force for El Salvador's sustainable development through actions that improve citizens' quality of life," says Carlos Fernández, ILC President.

Through the infrastructure rehabilitation and restoration, Industrias La Constancia and the capital's municipality hope to ease the citizens' need to have a suitable space for pedestrian traffic, businesses and other activities.

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 Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [02/03/2010].

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