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Dreams come true again – Three young entrepreneurs are given the ability to start their businesses up with a combined 7 million start-up capital! (Translation)

25 February 2010

Dreher Breweries Ltd. has given out the "Young Entrepreneur of the Future" prizes. Viktor Vincze, with the System on Module development, Márton Bruder, with the renewable energy application, and Miklós Vázsonyi, with the idea of innovative rehabilitation equipment have won this year. The students can start their entrepreneurships with a combined 7 million HUF start-up capital, and they also get six months professional consultation.

February 23rd, Budapest - The company, always committed to creativity, announced in October 2009 the "Young Entrepreneur of the Future" competition for the fourth time. Students from any Hungarian university or college could apply. The first three winners would receive a combined 7 million HUF prize, and also a half year of professional consultation including legal, taxation and accounting advise.

"We are glad that nearly a hundred applications arrived this year from 24 higher educational institutions. We are proud that we can help those young people dare to have big dreams and help them realize their entrepreneurship. We think that in these economic and financially challenging times, success can be achieved with creativity and the necessary daringness," said Mónika Agócs, Corporate Affairs Manager of Dreher Breweries Ltd.

The ten best applicants presented their business idea to the jury in English and convinced the members on the uniqueness and feasibility of their enterprise as well as on their own ability. From the 82 contenders, the jury gave out the prizes to three talented young entrepreneurs.

First prize of this year, with 3 million HUF for the start-up capital and 6 months professional consultation, went to Viktor Vincze, a student at the University of Technology and Economics. His idea is the so-called SOM (System On Module), which will revolutionize the applied tools in intelligent locations (like homes, security techniques, medical diagnostics, etc.). The technical innovation - based on the applicant's own research - is a self-designed module that has the knowledge and prize requirements to satisfy Hungarian market needs. "There are huge differences in knowledge between SOM modules that are sold in the market and the prize of an ‘all-in-one' device can be very high. I hope that with an appropriately complex, self-designed SOM, users don't have to make compromises any more, and they will find what they really need," said Viktor Vincze, winner of the contest.

Second prize winner of the competition is Márton Bruder, student of the Eötvös Loránd University, who won 2 million HUF in start-up capital, 6 months professional consultation, and also a special prize
from the ING Bank N.V. in the value of half a million HUF to start his business. The topic of his application work is effective environment protection. "More and more people are interested in environment-friendly solutions in all areas of life, and that motivated me when I worked out my idea. I created a counselling company that provides the best environmental and water treatment solutions for the clients, from the planning phase through the resource founding through to the construction," said Márton Bruder about his idea.

The third prize, 1 million HUF start-up capital and 6 months professional consulting was won by Miklós Vázsonyi, student of the University of Technology and Economics. The winner created a business plan for innovative rehabilitation equipment for people with spine injuries. "With the primary product of my entrepreneurship, the patients can get equipment that helps with self-controlling of their leg muscles,"  added Miklós Vázsonyi.

The "Young Entrepreneur of the Future" competition was completed with a special prize this year, the "Prize of Young Entreprenurs" that was given out to Miklós Vázsonyi by Péter Kiss, winner of 2006, on behalf of the former winners.

Awarded applicants:
1. Viktor Vincze, System-On-Module development
2. Márton Bruder, renewable energy utilization
3. Miklós Vázsonyi, innovative rehabilitation equipment

Members of the jury:
- Dr. Erzsébet Könczöl, Corvinus University Budapest
- Dr. Péter Szirmai, Életpálya Foundation
- Károly Gerendai, Sziget Kft
- István Salgó, CEO of ING Bank
- Péter Kiss, winner of the "Young Entrepreneur of the Future 2006"
- Gary Whitlie, Managing Director of Dreher Breweries Ltd.
- Lóránt Sándor Kovács, Corporate Development Director of Dreher Breweries Ltd. 

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This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. 
Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [23/02/2010].

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