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CEDEPAS and Backus won the award Articulando MYPErú

13 August 2009

Project will benefit 250 producers of maize in the valley of Jequetepeque

- 250 rural small business organized in networks have secure sales contract for their products
- Producers receive help with consultancies, productive technical and business management training, which is a part of the social program of Backus "Progresando Juntos"

Lima, August 11th, 2009.- Together with his strategic partner CEDEPAS Norte, within the framework of the program Progresando Juntos for maize farmers, Backus participated in the second contest Articulando MYPErú, summoned by the consortium COPEME, SASE, CONFIEP, MINKA and INTERCOOPERATION.

In this way, the participating project "Conformación de Redes de pequeños productores de maíz amarillo duro para la mejora de su competitividad productiva y empresarial en el Valle Jequetepeque"( Appointing of networks of small producers of maize for the improvement of their productive and business competitiveness in the Valley Jequetepeque), developed by Progresando Juntos and Cedepas Norte, managed to achieve financing of US$ 205,000 for the implementation of the project. This important fund is added to the contribution made by the program Progresando Juntos, of Backus, which has been investing in the zone and will allow expanding the services of the project and reaching 250 small producers.

This contest is searching for profiles of projects of productive chains, clusters or conglomerations that can boost a better competitive performance of small companies, through the inter-companies conformation and partnership, to finance them through the Fondo Multilateral de Inversiones (FOMIN) of Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo.

The program, supervised by Fomin, will finance up to 60% of the cost of the project, the other 40% would be provided as compensation. It is worth noting that the whole of the small rural businessmen who participate in the program Progresando Juntos receive training, advisory services and consultancy as well as technical assistance and they are capable to use them through the productive processes of the cultivation to reach a bigger collective efficiency and conquer markets impossible to reach when working individually. In fact, the 250 producers coordinated in networks already have secure sales contracts of their products with the Backus Company.

"The constitution of this network is part of the program Progresando Juntos. Our objective is to promote the ratification and development of micro and small businesses, contribute to the decentralized employment creation and to boost the growth and progress of our suppliers and clients, providing them with the needed tools so they can work in a responsible manner and boost the growth of the market for their own benefit and their families", said Magdalena Morales Valentín, Director of Sustainable Development of Backus.

Program "Progresando Juntos"

Progresando Juntos, is the program for development of businessmen of micro, small and medium businesses linked to agricultural, services, marketing and tourism sectors of the geographic areas of influence of the Backus group.

Through this program, Backus tries to improve the efficiency, productivity, environment and social conditions of the micro, small and medium companies; Support the creation of opportunities for the sustainable local development, in terms of market development, employment and wealth and to achieve a bigger economic and social integration of Backus in regional and national spaces.

Since it was launched on March, 2008, Progresando Juntos has developed skills in 180 suppliers in the cities of Lima, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Cusco, Piura and Arequipa; 60 businessmen of delivery from de cities of  Lima and Piura, 60 clients from the cities of Huancayo and Piura, 60 crafters of the Huaca de la Luna and 25 crafters of Pirámides de Tucume, as well as working in the development of technical and management competences with more than 200 producers of maize from the valley of Jequetepeque.

For more information please contact:
Cecilia Quevedo / Dora Vallejos
External Comunications of Backus - 311-3000
Samuel Saiz - Carlos Solari
LLorente & Cuenca - 222-9491(Extension 220)

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