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Reducing drink-driving in Poland

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In Poland, Kompania Piwowarska has established its Test your blood alcohol content programme to improve traffic safety by raising drivers' awareness of how alcohol affects the body. Initiated in 2008, the programme includes working with the local police to run educational stands at national motor shows. Over 50,000 people have been contacted since the start of this initiative.

Kompania Piwowarska has also designed a mobile phone app which allows responsible consumers to check the approximate level of alcohol in their blood by text message or the internet. Through the app, consumers can also obtain telephone numbers for over 300 local taxi companies.

Once data is provided (gender, body weight, age and the amount of alcohol consumed), the app calculates the blood alcohol content and the approximate time after which it will be safe to drive. To date, over 80,000 Poles have tested their blood alcohol content in this way.

Similar apps have also been developed in other European countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia where a new version (ProMileLady) has now been developed specifically for women.