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Water Futures partnership

Beer brewery at Tanzania

Named after Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro is one of Tanzania’s most popular beer brands. The brewery in Dar es Salaam in which it is produced lies in an area of potential water stress. As part of our Water Futures global partnership, with WWF and GIZ (an agency that acts for the German government to promote economic, ecological and social development), we have undertaken a project to understand the potential water scarcity and quality risks affecting this brewery and the local area. This includes risks from population growth, deteriorating water quality and impacts of climate change.

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Supporting the Southern African Growth Corridor to source local barley

Farmers in Tanzania

In Tanzania, in the past there have been limitations to growing barley such as the lack of modern farming techniques, basic farming equipment and variable rainfall patterns. These challenges have led Tanzania Breweries (TBL) to establish its ‘Project Saidiana’ programme which aims to increase the local production of barley.

Last year, TBL signed agreements with ten organised groups consisting of approximately 170 smallholder farmers from the Southern Highlands region. In 2011 TBL hope to procure 1,700 tons of malting grade barley from these farmer groups.

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Raising awareness on World Aids Day

A group lighting candles

In Tanzania, though progress has been made in reducing the number of people affected by HIV/Aids, levels remain high; in some areas of the country the prevalence is as high as 15%. On World Aids Day in December, Tanzania Breweries took the opportunity to organise events to raise awareness of the disease.

TBL has started a vital programme to remind its employees on the importance of taking regular tests and taking precautions against exposure to HIV infections. As part of the programme, TBL cooperates with health education counsellors from local health centres to ensure awareness of HIV/Aids such as how infections can occur and safe sex. In addition, TBL provides employees with free antiretroviral treatment as well as training on other diseases such as malaria and diabetes.

As well as employees, TBL has also established a health unit which provides care for residents in areas around the factory to raise awareness and distribute medication for HIV/Aids.

Water provision for local communities

Woman carrying water

Through our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) activities we seek to provide local communities with clean water or to treat waste water so it can be used for irrigation or other purposes. In Africa, a number of our operations have established water distribution projects to provide local communities with clean, drinkable water. We currently have projects in Tanzania, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Southern Sudan and Uganda.

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